The Importance of Rodent Control in North Vancouver

Dec 05,2018

Wherever you find people, you will find rodents. Mice, rats, and other rodents have been with us down through the ages and will likely continue to serve as a pest to humanity far into the future, and while some people have chosen to take mice and rats as pets, wild rodents are responsible for millions […]

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Why You Need to Let A Professional Handle Rat Control in Richmond

Dec 05,2018

Everyone likes to save a few bucks whenever possible. Life is expensive, so every little bit that can be put aside helps. Do-it-yourself projects are also becoming increasingly popular for that same reason, including for some specialized services. There are certain things that should always be left to professionals, however, and rat control is among […]

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Rat Control in Vancouver

Aug 31,2018

With a dense population, close to the water, large ports, many older buildings, and many restaurants, it is no surprise that Vancouver, surrounding municipalities, including Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey have a challenging Rat Problem. Rat control in Vancouver is top of mind for residents and business owners alike. Rats are also increasingly nesting in parked […]

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Pest Control Squamish Services: What To Do If A Wild Animal Gets Into Your Home

May 20,2018

There is a fairly common occurrence that many home owners have to deal with at one point or another: unwanted house-guests. Now, your first thought may be of the in-laws that seem like they will never leave, or the free-loading sibling that has taken up residence on your couch, and while those are certainly things […]

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How Integrated Pest Management Can Benefit Your Business

Apr 28,2018

When tackling the issue of pest control, you want to do more than simply eliminate what you see. The best approach to dealing with pests is to monitor, prevent, and eliminate the unwanted invaders, rather than simply react to them. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) takes this approach, tackling the causes behind your infestation. So how […]

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The Best Ways to Keep Spiders Away from Your Home

Mar 23,2018

If you are not among the approximately 30% of North Americans who have some degree of arachnophobia, congratulations! But even if you are not afraid of spiders, you may not like to have them as a roommate, especially if they start multiplying out of control. Whether dealing with spiders causes you great anxiety or not, […]

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Why Rat Control in Vancouver Is a Tough Job

Feb 08,2018

“Rat” is a word that often evokes a feeling. For some, rats are fun, cuddly little pets, undeserving of the negative press that they get. For others, however, the word rat renders emotions of fear and revulsion. Regardless, if you find signs of a rat in your home or business, it’s time to call a […]

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Preventing Carpet Beetles in Nurseries

Jan 30,2018

While we may feel varying levels of revulsion with different bugs and may accept the occasional spider setting up shop in a dark corner of the basement, no one ever wants to deal with a full-blown infestation, and certainly of all places, we don’t want one in a nursery.

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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in Cribs

Dec 14,2017

“Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” This adorable little nursery rhyme is used by many parents as part of a tuck-in routine for their children—it was never meant as an actual warning. If the image of these nasty nocturnal nuisances crawling all over your newborn baby is freaking you out, here are some handy […]

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5 Natural Bed Bug Solutions

Dec 07,2017

“Good night! “Sleep tight! “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” How many times have your parents tucked you in at night whispering this famous bedtime rhyme? Turns out, bed bugs are real-life critters that actually do live in your bed, feasting on you while you sleep. As frightening as that may sound, using dangerous chemicals […]

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