The Importance of Rodent Control in North Vancouver

Dec 05,2018

Wherever you find people, you will find rodents. Mice, rats, and other rodents have been with us down through the ages and will likely continue to serve as a pest to humanity far into the future, and while some people have chosen to take mice and rats as pets, wild rodents are responsible for millions […]

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Why You Need to Let A Professional Handle Rat Control in Richmond

Dec 05,2018

Everyone likes to save a few bucks whenever possible. Life is expensive, so every little bit that can be put aside helps. Do-it-yourself projects are also becoming increasingly popular for that same reason, including for some specialized services. There are certain things that should always be left to professionals, however, and rat control is among […]

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Rat Control West Vancouver

Nov 01,2018

Fall is an amazing time of year. When the leaves are changing color to put on one of nature’s most impressive displays, we get relief from sweltering summer days, and everything everywhere suddenly becomes pumpkin spice. But as cooler weather comes along, many people start heading indoors, and they are not alone. Plenty of critters […]

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Rat Control in Vancouver

Aug 31,2018

With a dense population, close to the water, large ports, many older buildings, and many restaurants, it is no surprise that Vancouver, surrounding municipalities, including Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey have a challenging Rat Problem. Rat control in Vancouver is top of mind for residents and business owners alike. Rats are also increasingly nesting in parked […]

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Why Rat Control in Vancouver Is a Tough Job

Feb 08,2018

“Rat” is a word that often evokes a feeling. For some, rats are fun, cuddly little pets, undeserving of the negative press that they get. For others, however, the word rat renders emotions of fear and revulsion. Regardless, if you find signs of a rat in your home or business, it’s time to call a […]

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Do You Still Need Rat Control Port Moody?

Aug 15,2017

Live traps, beeping devices, oils, fogs, and other rodent-deterring products—you’ve just about tried everything under the sun to get rid of your rat problem. And after a long, hard-fought battle, you can now pat yourself on the back for a job well done (those beady-eyed little beasts never stood a chance). Finally, you can breathe […]

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Rat Control White Rock: How Fast Rats Multiply

Aug 14,2017

For many folks, math is just plain hard. But for rats, their powers of multiplication is unrivalled the world over. Obviously, were not talking about rodents remembering and reciting the times tables—we’d win that contest hands (or paws) down. When it comes to reproduction, however, humans don’t even come close. Ok, if the mere thought […]

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5 Reason Why Rat Control Coquitlam is Important for Your Health

Jul 20,2017

Cartoons! Seems those animation artists are experts at making you believe that rodents are lovable, helpful little creatures, empathetic to the wardrobe needs of damsels in distress while assisting young princesses to catch the eye of their Prince Charming. Truth is, if Cinderella spent that much time in close proximity to rats, she’d be bent […]

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5 Terrifying Rat Control Richmond Facts

May 09,2017

When it comes to any creepy critter list, rats rank right up there. Just one glimpse of these spine-chilling rodents is enough to scare the pants off anyone. With their beady little eyes, long yellow incisors, and razor sharp claws, rats are the stuff of nightmares. Think you know all there is to know about […]

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Keep Rodents Out of Your Car with These Rat Control South Surrey Tips

Apr 18,2017

A rat infestation is a serious problem that no homeowner wants to face. These wretched rodents are not only disease ridden, but also cause a heap of damage to your home. But don’t think for a second your rodent woes end there. Believe it or not, these crafty critters will turn just about anything into […]

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