Mobile Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bug heat trailer fact: Lethal temperatures are usually reached within 30 minutes or less.

What are mobile bed bug heat treatments?

Great question! Essentially we take all the elements of  bed bug heat treatments that occur inside a home and perform it in a portable trailer, outside of the building or home. Because we are performing the heat treatment for bed bugs inside a portable trailer, we have all the benefits of a bed bug heat treatment with some additional ones.

  • Lethal temperatures are reached much faster than traditional heat treatment, thereby quickening the process.
  • Heat treatment is performed offsite, away from the infested unit, providing discretion for the building, unit, and homeowner.
  • Bed bug infested furniture is portable and available to be delivered to a new location if requested.
  • Treatment is performed on the furniture chosen only, not the unit, meaning no vacating of the home is required.

Why do people choose mobile bed bug heat treatments?

bed bug heat treatmentsAnother excellent question! Often, people who choose this service have or are experiencing one, or many, of the following:

  • Moving out of an infested unit/building and want to be sure their furniture is bed bug-free when they move.
  • Have a specific piece of furniture they do not want sprayed (has been unsuccessfully sprayed) by the house pest control company.
  • Are bringing furniture from storage from a building that is on the bed bug registry and don’t want to bring in any bed bugs.
  • Have a small infestation, want heat treatment for bed bugs but can’t afford to heat the whole unit.
  • Have sensitivity to pesticides and want a bed bug heat treatment; however, are unable to vacate the unit for various reasons.

Is this the same as a bed bug moving truck heat treatment?

Pretty much identical, with the exception of the vehicle the treatment is being performed in. Solutions Pest Control also providesheat treatments for bed bugs in moving trucks or vans throughout greater Vancouver & Whistler. The biggest difference is we own & provide the trailer, so no moving truck rental is required for the bed bug heat treatment.

How long do the trailer bed bug heat treatments take?

The time is dependent on the amount and type of furniture being heated, however, the average treatment is complete in less than 4 hours from set up to tear down. The smaller space of the trailer (or moving truck) allows for the temperature to rise faster and reach the ‘kill zone’ faster. Once that temperature is reached, it must be held for a minimum 2 hours unless the temperature has exceeded it, at which point the hold time can be reduced. See a video of a bed bug trailer heat treatment here.
Mobile bed bug heat treatments are available across the lower mainland including; Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, and Delta and everywhere in between. Learn about:

If you want to book a portable trailer bed bug heat treatment or moving van heat treatment for bed bugs, or have any questions about the treatment,  call 1-855-858-9776 now!


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