Mole Removal Services

Mole Fact: A mole can travel 18’ (540cm) per hour underground.

Mole Control Information

We see them everywhere from the spring right through fall as we drive along long grassy areas around the greater Vancouver –Mole Hills. What would have been a beautiful landscape is ruined by small clusters of dirt mounds. Spring is in the air and the moles are at it again ruining our landscaping, lawns and gardens we worked hard to care for.

  • Why are the moles in my yard? (You have lots of great soil that worms & insects love. A moles main dietary source is worms and insects)
  • How do I get rid of moles in my garden?(trapping is the best way)
  • Can I prevent them from coming from my neighbours’ yard? (This is difficult to do. A healthy, well kept lawn is always going to provide a great supply of food)

Solutions Pest Control is your expert in mole control services in Vancouver, BC and lower mainland.

Mole Removal

mole-control-vancouverA search in Google for mole traps, mole removal, etc reveals no shortage of wonderful inventions that have been designed to eradicate moles from people’s yards.

Many of them likely have worked wonderfully for people at some point. Solutions Pest Control mole control services utilize in-ground traps that are safe for children and pets, highly effective, and unobtrusive to the landscape after completion.

No poisons or baits, dangerous looking traps or gimmicks that merely deter moles temporarily here. By placing the specialized mole traps directly in the tunnels the moles travel we have greater success than other mole control methods and services available in Greater Vancouver.

Mole Control Programs

If you seemingly have moles come back throughout the year, year after year, why not save yourself the stress and sign up for amole control program. The benefits or a mole control program are:

  • Constant monitoring or the lawn and garden for mole activity through regular scheduled mole inspections.
  • No more mole hills and holes that can be dangerous for kids & pets to trip on.
  • Emergency response to any mole activity that occurs in between scheduled visits.
  • Peace and mind knowing your property is protected from the intrusive little rodents should they decide to take a chance.
  • Discounts on other pest control services offered by Solutions Pest Control, such as ant control & more.

Prices & service frequency vary depending on property size and type, mole problem & neighbouring properties, and may be subject to inspection.

Mole control services are available across the lower mainland and everywhere in between.  This includes; Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, and Delta. Learn about services like:

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