Why Rat Control Vancouver Services Can Save Your Property

rat control vancouver for packratAsk anyone who has ever had to deal with a rat problem—a rodent infestation can mean big bills! It’s bad enough that rats can spread disease and contaminate your food, but they are also notorious for causing a tremendous amount of damage to properties. Here’s a closer look at some of the destruction rats can do to your home and how rat control Vancouver services can protect you from these four-legged menaces.

Homes, apartments, offices, and hotels—rats can cause a slew of destruction in virtually any building. “Why,” you ask, “do they do this?” Because they need to. Rats’ teeth are constantly growing.

They have to gnaw regularly to file down their incisors. So if you’ve awoken to the unnerving sounds of rats scurrying around your home, chances are they’ve probably already done some serious damage to your property.

Structural Damage

Make no mistake about it, rats’ teeth are made for chewing, capable of gnawing through almost everything that gets in their path. Wood, drywall, plastic, insulation, pipes, and brickwork—no building material is safe when it comes to this determined pest.

Rats can easily gain access to your home, chewing holes through roofs, attics, air ducts, and crawl spaces. And once these destructive little demons enter your home, the damage is going to skyrocket. Rats can produce more than 3000 offspring in a single year—a sobering concern that can quickly turn into a source of financial ruin. If you have a rodent problem, rat control companies in White Rock can quickly and effectively deal with your rodent infestation.      

Electrical Damage

Rodents will gnaw on just about anything they can sink their razor-sharp teeth into, including wires. Rats will strip the sheathing and use it for nesting material. While replacing chewed up protective insulation is going to cost you, it’s not the only problem you’ll have to deal with. There is also the very serious and very real risk of electrical fires. Rats have also been known to build their nests in large electrical appliances, causing short circuits, malfunctions, and fires.


Rats can contaminate your living area surfaces and food products with their urine, saliva, and fecal matter. And if you think a quick brush of a broom is going to get rid of the problem, you’re couldn’t be more wrong. Sweeping and cleaning rodent messes can create airborne germs, spreading a wide variety of diseases that can seriously harm or even prove fatal to humans.

Personal Item Damage

Rats don’t care about your stuff. They’ll make short work of all your belongings, no matter where you put them. Whether your things are stored in the attic and basement or tucked away in the garage or closets, rats will stop at nothing to destroy your personal items while you’re left to foot the bill.  

Get Help from Professional Rat Control Companies in White Rock

rat-control-vancouver-contactDon’t let rats eat you out of house and home. Getting help from professional rat control companies in Vancouver will take care of all your rodent problems fast. We are one of the humane pest control companies in Vancouver that works with your concerns to rid your home of pests.

Experienced pest removal specialists use effective rat extermination methods and safe products, protecting you and the ones you care about from ravenous rodents. They also offer long-term prevention strategies to help you avoid any future infestations.

When it comes to complete pest control Vancouver, Solutions Pest Control is your answer to a rat-free home in Vancouver, Richmond and White Rock.  We have locations across the lower mainland to help you with pests. Learn about our Vancouver pest control services like options for rat control, mole removal Vancouver, and pest control North Vancouver services.

For a free rat inspection from our pest control Vancouver location, contact Solutions Pest Control today!

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