Solutions Pest Control knows how ants can spoil more than a picnic. Every year, homes and patios are overrun with ants. It doesn’t help that ants are born as full-sized adults. It may start out as finding one or two in the kitchen, or in the corner of a room. Perhaps it’s a dozen or so scurrying across your patio. Then, without warning, there’s a line of ants converging on the kitchen and returning to their nests with your food! You may even find a swarm of winged ants taking over your home. Even outdoor patio and deck areas can be overrun with ants.

These ants are more than a nuisance. Carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage your home as they create comfy nests for their families. Pavement ants, normally found around sidewalks and foundations can weaken structural integrity both inside and outside the home.

You may think seeing a few ants in and around your home is no cause for alarm. However, chances are, if ants have made it into your home, the rest of the family is not far behind.

At Solutions Pest Control, we will come out to your home, identify what type of ants you have and look for signs of infestation. Our certified technicians know how to identify ant species and which products to use to eliminate them. While a phone call may help narrow down which ants are invading your space, Solutions Pest Control offers a no obligation, free visit to confirm who your unwanted guests are and advice on how to remove them. Connect with us today for your peace of mind.

Ant Control Inspection

There are over 12,000 species of ants on the planet. Knowing which species has laid claim to your home is crucial to removing them.

Many homeowners and landlords overlook their ant problem until it becomes an infestation. Common ants in the Lower Mainland and Whistler Corridor area include carpenter ants, pavement ants, moisture ants, and pharaoh ants. Should your ants have wings, they could be any number of a variety of ants that are in swarming mode.

Take the guess work out of the equation and call us toll free at 1-855-858-9776 for a free inspection. Our trained and certified pest detectives will come out, identify the intruders, and try to track down their nest. From there we can advise you on available treatments.

Ant Control Treatments

There are a variety of treatments available to help you with your ant problem. The most common come in liquid and powder form.

Many homeowners try to get rid of ants on their own. While this may work for a short period of time; the ants usually return, again and again. A professionally applied treatment, or course of treatments, can ensure your yard, home and deck are free of infestation.

Liquid Sprays: These type of ant treatments usually come in a spray can. They will provide effective reduction of ants and last for weeks to months.

Powder/Dust: When properly applied, insecticide that comes in a dust form can work. However, they are not effective in areas in areas with high humidity.

Liquid Bait: This treatment is slow acting; however it is the most effective when the ant nest is well hidden. Insecticide is mixed with food which the ants then carry back to the nest. It will eventually eliminate the nest; however it does require multiple applications.

Once the location, species and number of ants you have is determined our trained technicians will assess humidity and airflow to decide on which treatment or treatments will work best for your situation.

An in-person inspection by one of our trained technicians is the best way* to rid yourself of these pests.

*Should you decide to apply ant control products on your own, always read and follow instructions carefully.

Our Guarantee

Our ant control experts are happy to provide you with a guarantee for services completed at your home. We may even schedule a follow-up visit a few weeks later to ensure the work was done thoroughly and you are happy with the results.

Annual warranties and home protection plans are also available. This will help thwart any new ant infestations and alleviate any concerns you and your family may have.

Schedule your no-obligation inspection today, or call to ask us whatever questions you may have about pest control.