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About Solutions Pest Control

Established in August of 2005, we continue to push the envelope for innovative solutions and provide first-rate customer service. Solutions Pest Control is the ‘go-to’ pest control company for property managers and homeowners.

Our knowledgeable pest detectives are always ready to answer your questions (during office hours). We are happy to talk to people and walk them through the steps to identify the pest issue and determine if a service call will give them peace of mind.

We will spend the extra time needed to educate you on the signs and characteristics of the most common pests. We look forward to hearing from you!


Solutions Pest Control was founded in August of 2005 by Jason Page, with a mission to provide

  • an unparalleled customer service experience,
  • protect the health of customers, friends and neighbours,
  • model courtesy and respect in every community we serve, and
  • value our employees the same way we value our customers.

All while providing excellent, efficient and innovative pest control services.

Initially serving Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton, in 2011 Solutions Pest Control brought its exceptional customer service to the greater Vancouver area.

Integrated Pest Management

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a process that combines consideration of all available techniques and the related costs, with knowledge of the particular pest, its historical behaviour and current trends in its population. IPM is a partnership between homeowner and pest professional and addresses the home or building owner’s needs and concerns when creating a plan. IPM takes into account safety for the people and pets living or working in the environment and seeks to provide sustainable, long-term solutions. Learn more about Integrated Pest Management.


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Thank you to all our customers who have left a review on our social media channels. We are humbled to say we have a 4.74 out of 5-star rating on 62 reviews across all our social platforms. We have curated a selection of these reviews on our Testimonial page.


Solutions Pest Control is members of key organizations in the pest control industry, such as:

  • BBB – Better Business Beaureu of BC
  • NPMA – National Pest Management Association
  • Structural Pest Management Association of BC
  • AIB – American Institute of Bakers

For more information on trade associations see the Affiliations page.

Affiliations with these organizations allow us to stay up to date with environmental best practices and new pest control methods.

Mission Statement

Solutions Pest Control’s mission is to provide excellent, efficient and innovative pest control services. Our Mission Statement sets out the company’s values.

As a locally owned and operated pest control firm, our relationship with our customers and neighbours is vital to the success of our company.


Solutions Pest Control is a fully licensed pest control company. We are licensed for pesticide use and application through registration with BC Ministry of Environment.

Solutions Pest Control and our service technicians maintain their licenses through certification and continuing education.

Regulatory Licenses

BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy issues pesticide licenses in British Columbia, specifically:

  • Pesticide Use License
  • Pesticide Applicators License

For more information on our pesticide licenses see the Affilations page.

Home Owners May Require Residential Applicator Certificate

If you are a homeowner and are planning to use pesticides on your property in British Columbia, you may require a Residential Applicator Certificate under the Environmental Protection & Sustainability Ministry. FYI.

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We are your local pest control expert. Our friendly pest control techs live and work in your neighbourhood. We are very familiar with the local pest issues and are ready to help.

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Solution’s rapid and thorough response made it possible to get back to my normal life again. Knowledgeable and reassuring, they were always available to answer any further questions and offer suggestions to keep the pests away. I put my utmost trust in Solutions and feel grateful I made the right choice.

Eve M. – North Vancouver


Solutions Pest Control will solve your specific pest problem. If we can’t, we’ll help you find someone who can. – That’s our guarantee to you.

Solutions Pest Control has been trusted by Metro Vancouver residents since 2009

We offer a variety of pest control services reliably every month across from Squamish to Langley. View some of the location highlights to learn what popular critters you might find in your specific region.  We keep the pests away for good! Pest Control issues can vary slightly depending on how close you are to water. Learn more about the monthly pest control services for stratas, commercial buildings, home care, restaurants, and office buildings.

Vancouver Monthly Pest Control Services

We work closely with strata and property managers across Vancouver to deter pests and critters from settling into this port city port. With the water’s edge around a large portion of Vancouver, rodents naturally are drawn to the shoreline and become a regular habitant and nuisance.

North Vancouver Monthly Pest Control Services

North Vancouver is no stranger to rodents, critters, and wildlife. They attract the rats and mice from the port and proximity to water and then the wildlife can naturally find themselves attracted to the smell of city life and the comforts of warm attics and garages.

Squamish Monthly Pest Control Services

With the abundance of wilderness all around Squamish and also the port terminal located on the district’s border edge. Rodents like rats, mice, raccoons, and wildlife find warmth from the winter in crawl spaces, attics, garages, and cellars.

Richmond Monthly Pest Control Services

Richmond is a lovely urban environment that supports rodent lifestyles. Being a port city, the rats and mice easily find shelter, warmth, and food supply from local residents, and garbage cans.     

Coquitlam Monthly Pest Control Services

Seeing the trend here? Another port city with easy access to garbage bins and warm dry shelter away from the consistently wet outdoor conditions that naturally occur in our region. Speak to the experts about monthly pest control services in your city. We service Squamish to Langley residents and businesses!

Pest Education Experts

Ask Us Anything about our monthly pest control services

Our knowledgeable pest experts are ready to answer your questions (during office hours). We are happy to talk to people and walk them through the steps to identify the pest issue and determine if a service call will give them peace of mind.

We will spend the extra time needed to educate you on the signs and characteristics of the most common pests.

Pest Control has as much to do with Education as it does with Eradication.
Jason Page, President of Solutions Pest Control

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