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If you are up for a DIY pest control project, Solutions Pest Control has some pest control products that can help!

We have selected safe and effective pest control products you can use around your home or office. Place your order and we will ship the products right to your address.

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Greenway Ant Bait Gel

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Greenway Liquid Ant Bait Gel is a highly attractive, formulated ant bait that works amazingly for all species of ants. Individual syringes come with their easy to apply plunger for controlled application and cap to prevent drying out. Each syringe is 42.5g of liquid bait.

PRO TIP: Try to apply bait on a piece of tape or in a cut straw to prevent evaporation into ground (Follow labeled instructions).

PRO TIP: Ants will mark a trail back to your placements, so keep the bait fresh and in the same place. They will consume far more than you ever imagined!

**Please Note - We do not ship internationally. Within Canada only.**

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