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Issues with Mouse Control West Vancouver

Have a mouse problem in West Vancouver? If you do, you had better act quickly. These pesky rodents will chew through just about anything, including your walls, wiring, and furniture. Mice are also notorious for carrying serious diseases that can put you and your family’s health at risk. So, whether [...]

Your Solution to Wildlife Control North Vancouver

Sure they look cute and cuddly, but do you really want wildlife infesting your home or place of business? Squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, and skunks—all of these troublesome pests can cause significant damage to your property, not to mention put the health of you and the ones you care about at [...]

It’s time for you to know the Truth about Bed Bug Treatments in Vancouver

Finding the right bed bug treatment is no easy task. A simple internet search can quickly turn into countless hours of wasted time trying to sort through all the options. And if that wasn’t bad enough, many of the bed bug treatment strategies out there are nothing but scams that either don’t work [...]

Why Regular Pest Control is So Important

It can be said with reasonable certainty that no one likes to have pests, such as bugs and rodents, in their home. Most people are familiar with the pest control services of exterminators and with various products that can be bought to rid their homes of unwanted creatures. But what [...]

What to Do If You Find Mouse Droppings in Your Kids’ Room?

Kids, both young and old alike, simply love visiting Mikey and Minnie at Disneyland—and who can blame them? These adorable characters bring happiness and ear-to-ear smiles the moment they come into view. But just because we can’t get enough of the popular pair doesn’t mean we want our children to share [...]

Rat Control in Greater Vancouver

With spring finally here, flowers blooming and all of us on the west coast heading back outdoors to our gardens and barbecues, the rat sightings (or hearings) will undoubtably start shortly thereafter. A few simple proactive steps, and some general information, can easily prevent you and your home from becoming [...]

Do Bed Bugs Carry Superbugs?

(Reuters) Researchers in Canada have found bedbugs carrying antibiotic-resistant superbugs, a surprise finding because scientists had thought the pests were not capable of spreading infections.The study was done by a team in a poor corner of Vancouver, where both bed bug infestations and strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria are increasing.Dr. Marc [...]

Pest Control for Strata Management

Is Your Strata Managed Property need pest control services?Although individual owners are accountable for maintenance concerns surrounding their own units, strata property managers are usually responsible for the overall common areas. While the entire burden of property upkeep does not rest solely on the shoulders of strata and residential property managers, [...]

5 Steps to find good Vancouver Pest Control Companies

Finding ants marching through your home, rodents foraging for food, or bed bugs nesting in your mattress can all be serious problems. Choosing the right Vancouver pest control company, however, should not be one of them. Properly dealing with pests and full-blown infestations requires a reputable company that knows how [...]

How to Handle Bird and Rodent Mites

Have you been experiencing crawling, biting, or itching sensations and can not figure out the cause? There is a good chance your home may have a mite infestation problem or it could be bed bugs. Members of the tick family, the majority of mites are usually harmless pests, mostly feeding on [...]

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