Fleas – Most Widespread Troublesome Household Pests

a dog scratching annoyed by fleas

Fleas in Vancouver are troublesome pests carried on mammals and birds. Both males and females bite and suck blood, which can often leave an itchy, red spot.

Several kinds of fleas attack mammals and birds. The Dog flea and the Cat flea, which look very much alike, are the most widespread and the most troublesome as household pests.

The adults are small, wingless insects with hard, dark-coloured bodies. The female usually lays her eggs loosely among the hairs or feathers of the host, where they will stay for a few days and then drop off.

In homes, fleas develop in crevices in flooring, and along baseboards, under edges of rugs, and between cushions in upholstered furniture.

The adults can live for several months without food, so infestations may last for weeks or months after pets are removed.

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