Silverfish – A Nuisance Pest

collage of 3 silverfish

While silverfish are a common pest problem on the West Coast, they are more annoying than harmful. However, they can still cause damage to books, wallpaper, carpeting and clothing.

Generally, silverfish are a grey/silver colour and have 3 long bristles on the back and 2 larger antennae on the front. They are frequently found in dark, warm humid areas such as attics, closets, bathrooms and kitchens. Most people realize they have them when they open a kitchen cupboard or drawer at night.

  • Silverfish can be an interior and exterior pest, but are found inside more in cooler climates.
  • They tend to feed on carbohydrates and proteins contained in starch, paper, drywall and natural fibre clothing (cotton and linen).
  • Silverfish require a relative humidity of 75-95% for survival.
  • A temperature between 16 C and 28 C are generally observed to be the most habitually attractive for silverfish.

Silverfish Control Services

Successful Silverfish control consists of many factors, including the reduction and/or elimination of any potential attractants. Non-chemical silverfish control measures may include the use of a dehumidifier, programmable temperature control, and more. If you can make your home less attractive, you will be helping get rid of your silverfish problem in the longer term.

Additional control can be gained using glue traps hidden safely out of sight in the active areas. A Solutions Pest Control silverfish control expert can answer more questions and recommend a service or product to best exterminate your silverfish infestation.

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