Who doesn’t love birds? The mere mention of the word conjures up peaceful images of elegant winged creatures, gracefully soaring high above. But when filthy pigeons and other annoying birds have decided to move into your home or business, watch how quickly that beautiful picture you’ve created disappears.

Ok. So now that we’ve ruined your image of birds forever, read on to find out why you really need to take bird and pigeon control Vancouver seriously.

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Physical Bird Pest Problems

Bird Droppings

Bird business is far more than just a reason to reach for your trusty umbrella. For starters, bird droppings are extremely acidic, capable of killing grass, eating through roofing material (hello leaks), destroying car paint, and even corroding metal. And that’s just your stuff. Ignoring your pigeon problem could land you a (sometimes one-way) trip to the emergency ward. Bird poop can transmit a host of unhappy little illnesses like Encephalitis, salmonella, Meningitis, Toxoplasmosis, and other hard-to-pronounce diseases. Oh…and if you have tenants or employees, better get rid of those birds fast. Otherwise, you could be looking at some hefty lawsuits, making you wish you’d never left the hospital.

Bird Nests

Pigeons (and other flying demons) just love to nest—and nest they will on your building ledges, roofs, and eaves. And once they’ve set up shop, bird nests can block drainage pipes, rain gutters, vents, or chimneys, creating water leaks and potential fire hazards.

Believe it or not, birds nesting in attics have also been known to cause ceilings to collapse. Over time, poop, nesting materials, and standing water can build up, ultimately becoming too heavy for ceilings and roofs to support the weight. Well, let’s hope you at least took out a good insurance policy.

Bird Chatter

Roosting, nesting, cooing and scratching—birds are notoriously noisy rabble-rousers, never giving folks a moment’s rest. For business owners, your customers will be racing for the nearest exit in search of a quieter place to hang out. For families, frolicking fowls like to party, so we hope you’re not a big fan of sleep.

Other Risks Caused By Birds

Chances are pretty good that you have come across a bird’s nest at some point in your life, and perhaps you even found it interesting to watch as young ones are born, grow, and eventually leave the nest. Unfortunately, bird nests can bring other risks and hazards.

Bird Control Services

If you’ve got a pigeon problem, it’s always best to leave bird control Vancouver to the pros. Getting rid of these airborne menaces without the appropriate gear, equipment, and know-how could expose you and the ones you care about to dangerous germs and parasites.

Here at Solutions Pest Control, we offer lasting solutions for all your bird removal needs. From pigeons to sparrows, our team of trained specialists have the knowledge, equipment, and bird control Vancouver techniques to get them out and keep them out.

Solutions Pest Control offer experiences services like:

For complete bird or pigeon control Vancouver, contact Solutions Pest Control today!

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