When it comes to any creepy critter list, rats rank right up there. Just one glimpse of these spine-chilling rodents is enough to scare the pants off anyone. With their beady little eyes, long yellow incisors, and razor sharp claws, rats are the stuff of nightmares.

Think you know all there is to know about rats? Well, let’s see about that. Here are some hair-raising facts about rat control Richmond that will keep you up at night.

Rats are going to get in

If you think you can keep rats out, you’re in for a rude awakening. Rats can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter. So, just how do these pushy pests pull off such an amazing feat, you ask? Thanks to its collapsible skeleton, all they need is a hole big enough to squeeze their heads through.

Rats can survive your toilet

Raise your hand if you thought this one was an urban myth. Sorry to disappoint you, but rats can survive being flushed down the toilet. Believe it or not, these furry buggers can not only hold their breath for three minutes but also tread water for three days straight. Oh, and don’t forget, they also have that umbrella-like skeleton thingy, so they can easily wiggle right back up your plumbing.

Rats are sex machines

Here’s a riddle for you. How many rats does it take to create a full-blown infestation? Give up yet? Two. When it comes to doing the “wild thing,” rats give rabbits a serious run for their money.

Two rats can produce more than 2000 little devils a year. And when those babies start to have babies of their own…well, you don’t have to be a math wizard to figure it out—that’s a lot of rats!

Rats can get cravings…for you

If this doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies, nothing will. Rats have been known to bite people’s faces and hands while they’re asleep. Admittedly, that’s bad enough. But once rats get a taste for human blood, there’s a good chance they are coming back for seconds.

And if you are unfortunate enough to get bitten by one of these ravenous rodents, you’d best be on your way to the nearest hospital. Rats carry a host of diseases that can seriously harm or even kill you.

Rats’ teeth never stop growing

That’s right! A rat’s choppers never, ever stop growing. They need to constantly chew to file down their incisors. Food, wood, bricks, wires, metal, and cement. Are you starting to get the point now? Rats will gnaw on just about anything to keep their teeth from growing through their heads.

Ok, now that you are good and terrified, there is one important thing to remember—you’re not alone. If you have a rat problem, there’s no need to pack up and move. A professional pest control Richmond provider will get rid of your rodent woes, so you can get back to simply watching horror movies instead of living them.

Solutions Pest Control services the entire lower mainland with experts for:

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