Waking up with bug bites? Sounds like you have a beg bug problem. There are Bed Bugs in Vancouver, and with the warmer months right around the corner, insect infestations, are only going to get worse. If bed bugs have invaded your home, here are three top takeaways you can’t afford to ignore.

Communication is key

One of the most effective tools for winning the war on bed bugs is, believe it or not, communication.
“Because of the stigma attached to bed bugs, people are afraid to communicate the problem to property managers, landlords, and neighbours,” said Jason Page of Solutions Pest Control. So, what ends up happening is people try to take on the bed bug infestation themselves.

Without the proper knowledge and resources, self-treatment almost always makes the situation worse. The result? Residents will not only have a bigger infestation on their hands but also be on the hook for bed bugs spreading into other properties. Jason explained, “If folks only communicated the bed bug problem when they discovered it, the issue could have been dealt with faster and cheaper.”

Skip the sprays

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Period. They are experts at ‘hide and seek’, they can live without food longer than the length of the average hockey season, and they reproduce like it’s going out of style. And if that isn’t bad enough, these little pests are tough to kill—incredibly resistant to sprays.

“When bed bugs are not hit directly with the spray, they will go deeper into the walls and the flooring to get away from the odours. And if they go somewhere else to find a new food source, bed bugs can spread to other residents,” warned Jason. “Even if you do manage to spray them directly, there are a very small chance bed bugs will die from the treatment.”

Treat bed bugs at the source

Bed bugs are a wingless mosquito, meaning they need us for food. Whether they are hiding in your bags or closets, they still have to come to you to survive. So, you’ll need to focus on one of the main areas where you spend most of your time when you are at home—your bed.

The very first step to stopping bites is to kill the bugs in and around your bed. Take off all your sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding and seal them in plastic garbage bags. Haul everything to your washing machine and wash them using the hot water setting. Then, dry your stuff on high heat. This should kill off any leftover bed bugs or eggs.

While your bedding is in the laundry cycle, you’ll want to get to work on your bed. Grab your vacuum cleaner to suck up any bed bugs (or evidence of them). Go along the seams of your mattress and pillows. Don’t forget to check your box spring, headboard, and bed frame.

Keeping the lid on a bed bug infestation and using useless sprays is a bad idea. If you are serious about bed bug removal, you’ll need the help of a professional pest control provider.

Here at Solutions Pest Control, we use only the safest, most effective bed bug treatment plans, specifically designed to meet your individual pest removal needs. If you need to Get rid of Bed Bugs in Vancouver, get them where they live and breed with a pest control company you can rely on.

If you would like more information about bed bug control, please contact Jason Page at +1-855-858-9776 or email at jason@pestsolutions.ca!

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