Removing access to food and water is the easiest way to avoid ant pest problems.

Ant colonies send out scouts to search for food. Ants are attracted to many types of food. They enjoy eating sugary and greasy foods (like peanut butter or crumbs) and are also attracted to the “honeydew” produced by aphids on infested houseplants. A successful scout leaves a scented trail for other workers to follow back to the food source.

Steps to take to discourage ants from finding food in your home:

  • Store ant-attractive foods in glass jars with rubber gaskets, or in plastic containers with lids that snap tight.
  • Keep kitchen countertops clean. Sweep or vacuum the floor often, especially around pet dishes.
  • Rinse containers before putting them in the garbage or recycling bins.
  • Empty kitchen garbage containers often.
  • Place composters at a reasonable distance from your house.
  • Place pet food dishes in a shallow dish of water. Most ants can’t swim, so they won’t be able to get at your pet’s food.

Ant Control Treatments