How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs While Traveling

How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs While Traveling

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a popular saying that most

people are familiar with. And for many travelers, waking up with itching, welt-like

bites is a reality that is becoming more and more common. Hotels and motels are

favourite hangouts for these pesky critters because of the constant flow of fresh

victims to feast on. If you are worried that you might bring home more souvenirs

than you planned, here are some easy tips to help protect you from these skilled


Use the Internet

Before you book your stay, you can Google your hotel name for on-line travel

reviews concerning complaints of bed bug infestations. They are tons of travel sites

that allow travelers to review lodging and accommodations—which is good news for

anyone wanting the latest stories on bed bug encounters. A quick internet search

could save you a ton of troubles and cash down the road.

Keep Bugs Away From Your Luggage

When staying at a hotel, make sure to keep your belongings away from the bed and

furniture. Instead, place your luggage—including any bags, purses, backpacks, or

other personal items—on elevated luggage racks or in the bathroom where there

are fewer places for bed bugs to hide. Moving the luggage rack away from the wall

will help prevent bed bugs from gaining access to your belongings.

Inspect Your Hotel Room

Knowing what to look for is crucial for detecting bed bugs. As soon as you enter

your hotel room, thoroughly inspect your surroundings. Bed bugs are flat, reddish

brown in colour, and are similar in appearance and size to an apple seed. These

creepy critters are extremely elusive, so it is important to check for signs of a bed

bug infestation. First, you are going to want to inspect your sheets for bug skins

and rust-colored spots of fecal matter. Then, use a flashlight to go over the

mattress, bedding, box spring, walls and baseboards, furniture, and any other

places bed bugs could be hiding. If you find bed bugs or any evidence of them,

contact the front desk immediately.

Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering Your Home

Even just a couple of these pesky insects can produce a full-blown infestation. So it

is vital to do a full inspection of your belongings outdoors in the garage before you

bring your luggage into your home. If you live in an apartment or condominium,

use your balcony, bathtub, or shower. You can also get rid of bed bugs that may

have gotten into your clothes by immediately washing and drying them.

Proper detection and treatment of a bed bug infestation requires the skill and

experience that can only come from a professional pest control provider. At

Solutions Pest Control, we have the equipment and the know-how to handle even

the toughest bed bug problem.

For more information about all our Vancouver pest control services and the

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