Are bed bugs creeping around your mattress? These nasty insects are parasites just waiting for you to fall asleep so they can suck your blood. No longer limited to seedy rooms on the wrong side of the tracks, bed bugs can be found everywhere, from upscale homes and shopping centres to hotels and schools. If you wake up covered in mysterious bites, then you’ll want to know how to check for bed bugs. Here are some useful tips to help you do just that.

Bed Bug Bites

The first warning signs of a bed bug infestation are bites all over your body. But how do you know the culprits are not mosquitos or fleas. Unlike flea bites, bed bug bites are itchy and not painful. Mosquito bites usually swell and are sporadically spread out, whereas bed bug bites are clustered together, and tend to be in a straight row.

Stains or Spots on Your Sheets

Found red stains or dark spots on your sheets? There’s a good chance that you have bed bugs. The red spots are your blood, as a result of bed bug feedings. Check for blood marks on your sheets, furniture, and even clothes. The dark spots could be a number of various things, including feces, eggs, dead bugs, and can be found anywhere in your bed, mattress, and even nearby furniture.

Other Areas in Your Room

Think bed bugs only conjugate on your mattress? Think again. You might be surprised to learn that these elusive pests can be found in several areas around your room. When looking for bed bugs, be sure to thoroughly inspect walls and baseboards, furniture, curtains, nightstands, carpets, clothing, purses, bags, luggage, and even electronics. These are just some of the many places that bed bugs may be lurking. It’s going to take a little detective work, so if you can’t find them in and around your bed, don’t give up.

Set a Trap

It can be difficult to track bed bug activity. These nasty pests are nocturnal, meaning they don’t make a move until you are fast asleep. So why not set a trap? There are a number of items available on the market that can alert you of a bed bug infestation, without having to wake up in the middle of the night and prowl around for them. Interception devices can be placed under and next to the legs of your bed. Bed bugs attempting to climb up your bed will fall into the contraption, preventing them from infesting your mattress.

When it comes to bed bugs, arming yourself with a little education and some early detection steps will go a long way to giving you peace-of-mind, helping you sleep better at night.

A bed bug infestation is not to be taken lightly. They can not only spread into other areas of your home but also scatter into adjacent dwellings, quickly turning a single incident into a multiple infestation disaster.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, it is always a good idea to contact a professional pest control company. They have the experience and the proper tools to effectively handle infestations.

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