A rat infestation is a serious problem that no homeowner wants to face. These wretched rodents are not only disease ridden, but also cause a heap of damage to your home. But don’t think for a second your rodent woes end there. Believe it or not, these crafty critters will turn just about anything into a rat hotel—including your precious car! Before you step on that gas pedal, here are some rat control South Surrey tips to keep rodents out of your vehicle.

Rats don’t drive, but they sure do love your car

Imagine opening up the hood of your car only to be greeted with a mystifying mess. While you stand in confusion, scratching your head, it may come as a huge shock to learn that the source of the problem is rats.
Rats taking up refuge in cars is nothing new and far more widespread than you might think. After all, your South Surrey vehicle has everything a car-crashing critter is looking for—a hood for insulation, wires and engine components to snack on, and a slew of nooks and crannies to hide in.

How rats get into your vehicle

Your car alarm might protect you from thieves, but certainly not from the four-legged variety. Rats are opportunists, skilled at infiltrating all makes and models of vehicles. They’ll crawl up from under the engine, looking for vents holes and pedal shafts to gain access into your beloved vehicle. And when they get in, rest assured, they’ll create mayhem in your car, causing significant damage and financial loss.

Here are some rat control South Surrey steps you can take to prevent rodents from moving into your car:

Clear out the car clutter

Think about it—rats love trash. So, if you want to have a rodent-free car, get rid of all that junk that’s been sitting in your vehicle. Litter like discarded coffee cups, tissues, fast-food bags, and that half-eaten chocolate bar under your seat is as good as a “move-in” sign for ravenous rodents.

Close all your doors and windows

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how easily this gets overlooked. Rats can squeeze through the tiniest of openings, so don’t give them the chance. Close all doors and windows, and don’t forget your sunroof. The last thing you want is to leave an open invitation to furry carjackers.

Booby trap your car

Worried that your car might be a target for rats? Another great way to prevent rodents from entering your vehicle is to surround it with traps. Place them around your car, in front of engine openings, and on top of the wheels (rats scale up them to enter the engine).

Remove foliage near your car

When it comes to discouraging rats from setting up shop in your car, you certainly wouldn’t want to leave a path to that shiny, new, expensive SUV. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’ve got a mountain of foliage next to your vehicle. Rats nest and hide in vegetation, so clear away fallen leaves, shrubbery, and vines from your car.

So there you have it—some rat control South Surrey tips to keep rats out of your car. But no matter how diligent you are, they is always a chance that rats can overrun your vehicle and sharpen their teeth on your engine.

If you have a rodent-infested car and don’t know where to turn, call the rat removal pros at Solutions Pest Control.

For reliable rat control South Surrey, contact Solutions Pest Control today!

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