Tips for Yard pest control in Vancouver

pest control in Vancouver tips for waspsToiling away at all that yardwork is probably not many folks’ idea of fun on a sunny afternoon. Still, a well-maintained yard will not only up your curb appeal, but will also help keep those pesky critters away. If you want to stop pests from figuratively and literally eating away the fruits of your labour, here are some handy yard pest control Vancouver tips to stop them in their
Give your lawn a little TLC
Is your lawn starting to look like a jungle? If you need a compass to navigate your backyard, maybe it’s time for some lawn love. Tall grass, out-of-control shrubbery, and fallen leaves might be an eyesore to you and your neighbours, but to nomadic nuisances it’s an open invitation to move in and wreak havoc on your property. By mowing the grass and removing leaves and debris, you’ll lessen the chance of pests nesting in your yard.
Trim the trees
Do you know what’s worse than having pests roaming around your yard? Pests ransacking your lovely Vancouver home. Rats, mice, raccoons, and insects will jump at any chance to invade your place—so don’t give them one. Trim your trees and prune your hedges and bushes. What’s more, pay close attention to any foliage that is touching or in close range to your house. Trimming your trees will give you a great-looking yard, plus a pest- free home.
Clear out the clutter
Another important pest control Vancouver tip is to get rid of all that yard debris. Broken tree limbs and braches left out on your roof provide the perfect path for crafty critters to enter your home. Don’t forget to remove that pile of unused firewood in the backyard. Oh, and while you’re at it, chuck out any excess mulch around the foundation of your home—it makes a great hiding place for insects and other pests.

Remove puddles
Just like you, pests need water to survive. Puddles and standing water are also notorious breeding grounds for mosquitos and other insects. If you have any drainage issues in your yard, you’ll want to remedy them as soon as possible. Plus, make sure to remove old tires, containers, toys, or anything else that can collect and hold water. The less moisture you have around your yard, the less chance you’ll have to deal with a pest problem.

Take a smart approach to garbage disposal
An open garbage lid is like ringing the dinner bell for hungry pests. Flies, wasps, rodents, and even bears are attracted to your trash, so make sure your garbage cans and organic waste bins are securely sealed up. And after that yummy BBQ or summer picnic, bring in any leftover food and clean up spills.

pest control in Vancouver testimonialKeeping your yard pest-free can be a challenge. So if you find that your property has been overrun with raccoons, moles, rats, mice, or other annoying vermin, don’t reach for a shotgun—reach for the nearest phone instead. Contacting a pest control specialist to handle all your critter problems will save you time, money, and your yard!

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