For many folks, math is just plain hard. But for rats, their powers of multiplication is unrivalled the world over. Obviously, were not talking about rodents remembering and reciting the times tables—we’d win that contest hands (or paws) down. When it comes to reproduction, however, humans don’t even come close.

Ok, if the mere thought of rats doing the wild thing right under your roof is raising some serious red flags (not to mention the hairs on the back of your neck), that’s a good thing—you don’t want to ignore a rat problem. Just one pair of rodent star-crossed lovers can fill up your home faster than Justin Bieber selling out Madison Square Garden (the comparison between rats and Justin Bieber here is purely coincidental). Just how fast you ask?

Here are the rat control White Rock facts:

Rats are baby-making machines

Winning the war on rats is far from an easy battle, to say the least. Truth is, wherever humans go, rats are sure to follow. Without a second thought, they gladly take up residence in our White Rock neighbourhoods and homes. And in return? They poison our food, bite our babies, spread diseases, cause property damage, and occasionally, pop up out of our toilets. If that wasn’t bad enough, rats have a mind-blowingly high birth rate.

Believe it or not, one pair of rats can produce over 150 million descendants in a single year. Yup, you read that correctly—150 million rats, each and every year! How can that possibly add up? Rats are sexually mature after only 3 months. The females give birth to approximately six rat pups a litter, six times a year. Another equally disturbing fact is that female rats ovulate every four hours, copulating dozens of times a day. You don’t need your calculator to realize how quickly the rat population can swell. Left unchecked, your home would be overrun by rats in an extremely short period of time, making rat control White Rock measures a must.

Rats are survivors

Why do rats get “jiggy with it” so much and so often? Rats aren’t the most successful species on the planet for nothing. Frankly, these randy rodents like to play the odds when it comes to sticking around. Opting for quantity over quality, rats crank out as many pups as possible in the hopes that at least some of them will survive. And if there are no predators to drive down the numbers and the living conditions are good (like in your home), a rat infestation can quickly and easily spiral out of control.

Get some pest control help

Successful long-term rat control White Rock is not easy. Truth is, the only way to truly get rid of rats is to control their populations—and for that, you’ll need some help from the pros. So, if you have a rat problem, it is always a good idea to contact a pest control provider.

Here at Solutions Pest Control, our technicians are fully trained on how to effectively remove rats. We use only the safest and most effective rodent control techniques and products, designed to eliminate your rodent infestation for good.

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