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Ant Spray Treatment

It happens every spring, like a right of passage into summer. The day you come home from work only to find an ant infestation has beaten you there. The annual, line of big, black ants trailing there way into the house from some crack in the wall, making their way into kitchen an.

  • Maybe your one of the lucky ones who came into a room only to find hundreds of large ants with wings swarming in a spot on the ceiling?
  • Maybe the summer day when the brisk patio literally seems to be moving from all the ants running around?

No matter how the ant nest rolls out the welcome wagon to you, its never received well. Our trained and certified ant experts are constantly upgrading and practicing their ant control techniques to stay knowledgeable, ready to help you when the time comes.
Dealing with ant infestations can be a trying experience. That’s why when you have problems, you need Solutions. Protect your home and your loved ones with professional ant control solutions so that you can enjoy an ant-free home. More on Why You Need Professional Ant Control.

Ant Fact:
All Ants are born full-sized adults, regardless of size.

Even more ant facts that will surprise you.

Ant Control Inspection

This step is key. Many experienced ant control professionals are good at helping identify the ant species over the phone through a series of specific questions, however, an in-person inspection may be required for confirmation. Simply put, how can anyone properly say what ant you have, how big the nest is, where the nest is, the best treatment for your family, etc, without setting foot in your home? Most pest control companies from Metro Vancouver to Whistler will provide a no-cost ant inspection. Solutions Pest Control technicians are trained at ant identification and determining the best ant control treatment that works best for you and your family.

Ant Spraying Control Treatments

Ant Treatments vary far and wide, even from tech to tech within the same company. The key products used are usually one of the following:

Liquid-based insecticides, usually applied from a spray can or aerosol can, that provide fast, effective knockdown and a short residue that will continue to kill ants that contact it for weeks to months after the initial application.

Insecticides in dust form that, properly applied, can provide the longest residual action of any insecticide. Not very effective in high humidity.

Slow acting but very effective, especially when the ant nest is hidden. It works like a Trojan horse where the insecticide is mixed into a food that ants carry back to the nest. Properly used, it eliminates nests completely but is a time-consuming treatment, usually requiring multiple visits.

In many ant treatments, many products can be used depending on the area it’s being applied. Many variables such as ant nest size, location, species, humidity levels, airflow, also exist from ant infestation to ant infestation that can dictate the best product or combination of products to quickly eliminate the ant nest permanently. This is why an in-person ant inspection is highly recommended.

In BC, different pesticides require different, if any, vacating times. If you are applying the ant control products yourself, remember to always read and follow instructions.

Ant Spraying Guarantee and/or Warranty

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If you start seeing ants again weeks or months after the treatment, what is your course of action?
It is important to know this in advance. A qualified ant control expert will have no problem providing a guarantee (and honouring it) for their ant work and may even prefer to schedule a follow-up visit a few weeks after the initial service just to make sure the work was thorough and you are happy. Annual warranties and home protection plans are also a popular way of preventing new ant infestations from starting, thereby preventing the trauma caused to your family.

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DIY Pest Control

If your pest issue is not too big, you may want to try one of these pest control products.


Jason did an inspection of our unit twice! because I was so sure that we had bed bugs. Very prompt service, within the day or next. Very knowledgeable and helped us understand what to look for. Would recommend this service anyone in the Sea to Sky Corridor!

K. S.


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Solutions Pest Control has been trusted by Metro Vancouver residents since 2009

Ant Control Blog

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We offer a variety of pest control services reliably every month across from Squamish to Langley. View some of the service highlights to learn what popular critters you might find in North Van.  We keep the pests away for good! North Vancouver Pest Control issues can vary slightly depending on how close you are to water.   

Squamish Monthly Pest Control Services

Seeing the trend here? Another port city with easy access to garbage bins and warm dry shelter away from the consistently wet outdoor conditions that naturally occur in our region. Speak to the experts about monthly pest control services in your city. We service Squamish to Langley residents and businesses with great pest removal options! Learn more about monthly pest control services for commercial business owners, strata councils, home care providers, and restaurants.

Pest Removal Education Experts

Helping You Find A Solution to Bird Control On Your Property

Our knowledgeable pest experts are ready to answer your questions (during office hours). We are happy to talk to people and walk them through the steps to identify the pest issue and determine if a service call will give them peace of mind.

We will spend the extra time needed to educate you on the signs and characteristics of the most common pests.

Pest Control has as much to do with Education as it does with Eradication.
Jason Page, President of Solutions Pest Control

Protecting Your Property from Pesky Seagulls

Are seagulls causing damage to your property or disrupting your daily routine or damaging your property? At Solutions Pest Control, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that seagulls and birds can cause. That’s why it’s important to choose a seagull and bird control solution that can help you get rid of these pesky birds once and for all.

Our Seagull & Bird Control Services Are Here To Help!

Our team of trained professionals can help you to protect your property from damage caused by seagulls. Birds fly above and around buildings naturally causing the facades to become dirty and stained, which can lead to loss of value in your property. They can also cause damage to roofs and other areas of the building as they swoop down for food or nesting materials. The waste produced by these birds can also cause problems for businesses that rely on cleanliness for their customers’ comfort.

Birds can be messing up your car, take the food in your garden, and wake you early with their noisy calls. And if you get too close to them when they are nesting, they’ll be all over you like a bad rash obviously.

If your bird problem has been plaguing you for far too long, then it’s time to get serious about bird control in Vancouver. We offer comprehensive bird control services and solutions for all types of bird infestations—from pigeons and starlings to sparrows and crows. We can help you get rid of those pesky birds once and for all!

At Solutions Pest Control, we are licensed in BC, we offer bird control services to help you deal with these pests so you can enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about them. We use humane methods to eliminate your bird problem so that they’re gone for good!

Our Bird Control Services

Our experienced team of avian removal specialists has the knowledge and equipment to get even the most stubborn birds out of your home or business. We will come out to your home or business and assess the situation to determine what kind of birds are causing the problem and what products we need to use to get rid of them. We are fully insured and licensed to handle all your bird control needs.

Trust Our Professional Pest Control Services

Our professional pest control team is experienced and well-trained in the removal and control of birds. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your property is safe from the threat of birds. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and the highest quality of pest control available.

Safe and Effective Bird Control Services And Solutions

At Solutions Pest Control, we provide safe and effective bird control solutions to local residents. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in dealing with all types of bird problems, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We use humane techniques to ensure the safety of the birds, as well as the safety of your property.

Customized Bird Control Solutions like Bird Spikes or other options

At Solutions Pest Control, we understand that every property is different, and each bird problem is unique. Our team of pest control experts will come up with a customized bird control solution tailored to your property’s needs. We use the latest tools and techniques to make sure you get the best results. Contact Solutions Pest Control today to get rid of those pesky birds and keep your property bird-free!

Why Choose Us about Bird Control

When it comes to seagull control, contact us to keep your property clear of these annoying birds. We’ve been in business for years, and our team has experience working with businesses of all sizes and types. Our experienced North Vancouver pest control can help. No matter what kind of facility you have, our team can help you prevent seagulls from causing damage and creating health hazards.

We provide a range of bird control services like bird spikes or a variety of options like:

  • Seagull deterrents
  • Seagull management plans
  • Seagull control methods
  • Seagull removal
  • Bird spikes options
  • Seagull proofing
  • No pesticides
  • Remote monitoring
  • Exclusion

We also offer affordable bird control rates and flexible bird control services scheduling options, so we can accommodate even the busiest schedule.

Our Humane Approach

Our team utilizes humane seagull deterrents to keep these birds away from your property without causing them harm. We use a combination of technology and our own experience to keep seagulls out of your space. Our team is experienced in working with any kind of space or situation. Even if you have a large area to cover or multiple buildings that need to be protected, we can help!

Protect Your Property With Bird Control Services

Don’t let seagulls take over your property. Contact us today to schedule a bird spikes consultation, and bird control services and learn more about our seagull control services. Let us help you keep your property safe and seagull-free!

When you are tired of dealing with the mess and damage caused by birds on your property, it is time to call the experts of bird control in the lower mainland. Solutions Pest Control can help. Our team of bird control experts specializes in humane and effective bird control solutions to keep birds away from your commercial or residential property.

Our clients are our #1 priority. At Solutions Pest Control, we will work with you to create a customized plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We know that every customer has different needs and goals, and we take the time to find out what those are before we begin any work. Once we have a solid understanding of what you are looking for, we can match you with the perfect bird control solution that fits your budget and schedule perfectly!