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If you are up for a DIY pest control project, Solutions Pest Control has some pest control products that can help!

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DX-13 Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray

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Product Details

DX-13 is a aerosol version of the popular bed bug control dust Diatomaceous Earth (DE), designed for easier, more targeted applications. With DX-13 you can easily target small, tight, difficult to access areas where bed bugs hide, even upside down, where DE applications can be difficult. The long lasting application of DX-13 allows the DIY pest control in you to provide long term control and prevention of bed bugs without any mess to clean up.

*Pro Tip* - DX-13, like DE, takes longer to work, so allow 2-3 weeks for a measurement of success. It kills bed bugs through dehydration, which can take over a week to happen after the cross the product.

**Please Note - We do not ship internationally. Within Canada only.**

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