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If you are up for a DIY pest control project, Solutions Pest Control has some pest control products that can help!

We have selected safe and effective pest control products you can use around your home or office. Place your order and we will ship the products right to your address.

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The best Fruit Fly Trap

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Place the pre-baited fruit fly trap near the infested or area where the are seen. The lure solution attracts fruit flies, while the tapered device traps the insects when they enter, preventing them from escaping. The unique non-spill design also prevents leaking if dropped. The solution will remain effective for 4-6 weeks.

*Pro Tip* - Fruit flies lay their eggs in dirty, wet areas so the eggs do not dry up. Insect for areas around water supply such as drains, leaking pipes, organic and garbage bins. When fruit flies first emerge they cannot fly immediately, so look for crawling fruit flies to know you are close to source.

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