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If you are up for a DIY pest control project, Solutions Pest Control has some pest control products that can help!

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Little Pete Mouse Traps - Humane mouse traps

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The Little Pete Mouse Trap has a clear inspection window so you quickly and easily see what critters have entered the trap. Once rodents have been humanely trapped, simply open up the lid and set them free wherever you desire. Capable of catching up to 9 mice at time, the multiple catch humane mouse trap does not require any bait and is easy to clean. Plus, its ultra slim design makes these non-lethal mouse traps ideal for those tight fitting spots and high traffic areas!

*Pro Tip* - Mice can die from hypothermia quickly, so for best DIY mouse control results when attempting to humanely trap mice, check traps multiple times per day and release into a warm or insulated environment.

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