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If you are up for a DIY pest control project, Solutions Pest Control has some pest control products that can help!

We have selected safe and effective pest control products you can use around your home or office. Place your order and we will ship the products right to your address.

Our products are categorized by the type of pest you are dealing with. Click on a specific category to see the products available to help you deal with your specific pest.

Spider Web Removal Broom

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Product Details

Keep your house cobweb and spider-free with Morgan's dome cobweb broom. The telescopic pole makes it easy to remove spider webs from hard-to-reach areas, eliminating unnecessary back and arm strain. Plus, the dome shape head is perfect for getting into any corner or crevice of your home.

Pro Tip: Start at the highest point and work your way down. This way you aren't creating more work for yourself.

Pro Tip: Consider using DX-13 Bulk (according to labels instructions) while removing cobwebs to prevent new ones from rebuilding in place.

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