If you are not among the approximately 30% of North Americans who have some degree of arachnophobia, congratulations! But even if you are not afraid of spiders, you may not like to have them as a roommate, especially if they start multiplying out of control.

Whether dealing with spiders causes you great anxiety or not, once you decide to remove them from your home, you want them to stay gone. So, what’s the best way to get rid of spiders and keep them away from your home? Let’s take a look at some methods for spider control!

Keep it clean!

Dark, undisturbed places are favourite hangouts of spiders, so be sure to get the small nooks and crannies when you are cleaning. A clean home helps to keep spiders away. When putting things into storage, use airtight containers rather than cardboard boxes if you don’t want a surprise next time you open them.

Dust and vacuum spider webs and egg sacs when you find them. The egg sac will be ball-shaped and often hidden in the web.

Once you have removed their homes and offspring, spiders will be less likely to return.

Turn out the Lights

Having your lights on and the windows open at night will attract any number of insects. Your spider friends will see this and think you are setting up a buffet just for them.

 A Scent-sible Solution!

Spiders are not terribly fond of the scent of peppermint. Spraying peppermint oil around your windows and doors can make an effective deterrent. You can make your own spray by mixing 10-15 drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle.

You don’t like the smell of peppermint either? Well, lemon may have more a-peel for you, but spiders hate how they small just as much as peppermint. Try placing some lemon peel around doors and windows, replacing them as they dry out and lose their natural scent (about 3 days).

These are some of the methods you can use to deter spiders from moving into your home. If, however, you find that some particularly stubborn individuals have entered your home despite your best efforts, then there are a few ways to remove them:

The Cup

This is probably the best-known and possibly the most-employed method. All it takes is a glass or a cup which is placed over a spider to trap it. Once that has been accomplished, a piece of paper, or a thin piece of cardboard is slid under the cup, allowing you to lift the spider and transport it out of your home.

It’s best to use a glass or something transparent so that you can see where the spider is at all times, and as numerous videos online have shown, this is probably not the best method for catching a large spider on the ceiling while you balance on a chair or ladder. You just know you will miss, and that spider will jump right on you.

Web Removal

Sometimes spiders will set up shop in one of your plants. In such an event, you can remove the leaves, twigs and whatever else that the web is attached to and carefully move it outside.

Sic Your Pets on Them

You may not be fond of spiders, but your pet may love them. Your cat, in particular, may find them to be great fun to play with. The spiders will be less enthusiastic about the whole business and will want to stay away.

The Nudge

If your friend with too many legs is hanging out near the door or window, you could always try using a ruler, a stick, or some other object to nudge the spider in the direction you want it to go.

Bear in mind that spiders are not dogs. They aren’t really interested in following your suggestions and may not take the suggested path without a bit of effort on your part.

Tapped out

You can sometimes try to pick up the spider on something like a sheet of paper, a book, or something similarly portable that you can convince them to crawl onto.

The problem with this approach is that as you carry the eight-legged intruder toward the door, it will almost certainly decide to run across the surface of what you are holding, right toward your hand. This is likely to cause you to drop it and back away quickly, which will probably lead to an escaped spider running across the floor to seek shelter.

A neat trick that you may want to try, however, is tapping the underside of the surface that is carrying the spider. The vibrations will make it want to remain still until you can get it out to wherever you wish to deposit it.

Spiders are generally not on the “most popular” list for the average person but try to keep in mind that they do help reduce the population of other, more annoying pests such as mosquitoes, and for that, you may want to try other methods of removal before introducing them to your shoe.

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