Ants are truly fascinating creatures—as long as they’re outside. But if they do manage to make their way into your home, these nasty little pests can lose their charm pretty darn quick. Like ‘em or not, ants infest houses. And when they do, getting rid of them is going to take more than a slipper and some bug spray to stop these insufferable insects from trailing along your countertops, foraging for food. Yup…it’s going to take a whole lot of detective work and some handy ant control Surrey advice tips to get the job done right.

How to prevent an ant infestation?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, when it comes to winning the war on ants, it sure is some sound advice. So, one of the best ways to avoid an ant fiasco is to try to prevent one before it happens.

Learn how to help stop ants from getting into your house:

  • Seal any cracks, crevices, and holes along the exterior walls of your home.
  • Don’t leave food out in the open for extended periods of time.
  • Keep pet food bowls as clean as possible.
  • Make sure your trash cans are properly lidded and sealed.
  • Remove sources of standing water, such as an unattended indoor leak.
  • Go over ant trails with water and a mild dish detergent.
  • Regularly clean your yard, preventing areas for ants to nest such as piles of leaves and yard waste.
  • Trim back tree branches that overhang your home.

This is all well and good if you trying to keep ants out of your home, but what do you do when they’ve already invaded your place? Noticing a few ants in your home may not seem like a big deal, but don’t turn a blind eye to them. Even one rogue ant scurrying around your kitchen could be a sign of a much larger problem.

Got ants? Time to spring into action and unleash your inner detective. But before you begin an all-out ant assault, you’re going to have to figure out what you are dealing with. Odorous house ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and thief ants are common house-dwelling pests that can cause major headaches to many homeowners. But if you’ve got a house full of carpenter ants, you’ll want to get rid of these bad boys fast. They cause structural damage by tunnelling through the wood in your home.

How to get rid of ants?

How can I get rid of ants in my house?… is one of the most common homeowner questions. Well, you could use insecticide sprays, but that really is just a quick-fix “solution” that isn’t going to get the heart of your ant problem. Unless you treat the nest, the queen will continue to spawn more six-legged devils, replenishing the colony faster than you can replace those cans of bug spray. If you really want to hit ants where they hurt, you’re going to have to find that nest and destroy it!

Obviously, the easiest way to identify an ant infestation is to actually see those little buggers with your own eyes. Usually, you’ll spot them trailing to or from food sources in your home. If you follow the trail, you can usually track them back to an entry point that, oftentimes, leads to an outside nest somewhere on your property. That said, some ant species prefer setting up camp inside your home, living inside your walls or other hard-to-find places, making nests much harder to find.

Still in need, Hire an Ant Control Surrey Specialist

If you think this sounds like a lot of work, you’d be right. Controlling an ant infestation is a very involved process, requiring patience, perseverance, and grit. Is the thought of dealing with your ant problem making you itch?

Maybe it’s time to call in the big guns. Professional pest control providers have all the latest tools, products, and skills to track down, identify, and destroy ants so you don’t have to. For fast, effective ant control Surrey, contact Solutions Pest Control today!

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