“Rat” is a word that often evokes a feeling. For some, rats are fun, cuddly little pets, undeserving of the negative press that they get. For others, however, the word rat renders emotions of fear and revulsion. Regardless, if you find signs of a rat in your home or business, it’s time to call a rat control professional.

These are Not Your Pets

Those who own pet rats will tell you that these critters don’t deserve their reputation—that they are smart, playful and affectionate. The problem is that the rats that invade your home are not the rats that you would keep as a pet.

Just as you would not equate a feral cat to one living peacefully in your home, so too, must you recognize that wild rats pose a danger. Some pet owners are reluctant to admit this, however, and that can make the job of pest control experts even harder.

Pet rat owners are right about one thing though: rats are smart, and that’s part of the problem.

Big Problems in a Small Body

Rats are masters of stealth. They know how to hide, even from professional rat control removers, who may find signs of their presence only to discover that the interlopers have quickly moved to a new area of your home.

A study was attempted using GPS tracking devices to observe how rats travel and hide, but like little escape artists, the rats vanished before anything conclusive could be learned.
This ability to remain hidden makes it necessary to approach a rat infestation from multiple angles at once. And yes, if you have seen one, you likely have an infestation. Why? Because…

Remarkable Rat Reproduction Rate

Rats, like many rodents, begin to reproduce early. After only five weeks, baby rats become sexually mature. Females are capable of delivering four litters per year, each one averaging 10 to 12 pups. Within the space of just two years, a single pair of rats can create a population of 6,000!

These rats will spread throughout your home, creating burrows of up to 16 rats, all of whom will fight for what they now consider to be their home.

They Break in Almost as Easily as they Escape

If a rat truly wants to enter your home, they are remarkably adept at doing so.

A rat is able to squeeze itself through an opening the size of a quarter and can lift and move obstacles weighing up to a pound. They are also able to chew through your home’s siding to gain entry.

As for the recurring tales of rats swimming in through your plumbing? True. Rats can, and do, manage this feat with the ability to swim up to a quarter of a mile.

Dealing with rats requires more than their removal. Keeping them out once they have been eliminated is a job unto itself.

Impressive Physical Attributes

When people think of the dangers that rats pose, most of the time they think of the potential for transmitting diseases, and while this is absolutely a prime concern, rats themselves are tougher than you might expect.

As mentioned above, rats can enter your home through the plumbing, and thus can survive being flushed down the toilet. They are also able to fall from a height of 50 feet and still land on their feet.

It’s a rat’s bite, however, that most people fear. Rats have a hinged lower jaw that allows them to open wide and give plenty of room for their top teeth to sink into something. If that something happens to be a finger, removing them is quite difficult due to their jaw’s locking effect.

Given that rats will fight aggressively to defend their home and offspring, attempting to remove them can be a difficult and dangerous task. Coupled with their intelligence and stealth abilities, this results in a job that is challenging even for experienced rat control experts.

That’s why it’s important to choose a qualified and effective rat control company.

Solutions Pest Control provides effective pest control services for both homes and businesses. From residential homes to commercial and industrial property.

For all your rat control needs, contact with the best rodent control company at 1-855-858-9776 now!

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