Mole Removal from Your Garden or Lawn

If you have ever said, “You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill,” you simply don’t understand the frustration and torment that moles can wreak on homeowners. These earth dwelling diggers can make short work of your beautifully cared for lawn, transforming it into a hideous eyesore right under your nose. And anyone who has ever had to deal with a mole infestation knows first-hand how difficult it is to remove these ugly creatures. So how do you get rid of moles? Read on to learn more about the services for mole removal Vancouver!

What Do Moles Look Like?

Believe it or not, moles are not rodents. They are tiny, voracious insectivores that use their wide front flipper-like paws to tunnel underground, tearing up lawns in search of ants, earthworms, and grubs. Moles have short greyish fur and can grow up to 17.6 cm long. They have a pointed snout and small eyes and ear canals. It is also not uncommon for moles to consume more than their weight in insects daily.

How Do I know I Have a Mole Infestation and Need Mole Removal Services?

You won’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to find clues of a mole infestation. Sad but true, it will be hard to miss the many visible trenches, not to mention all that dug-up soil in your lawn or garden. You can also expect some rather nasty mole feeding burrows and molehills (think miniature volcanoes) to add to the mix of the unsightly damage caused by this destructive pest. And that’s just what you can see. Moles also create elaborate underground tunnels called runways which can run deep underground.

How Do I Get Rid Of Moles?

There is no doubt about it, moles are frustrating pests that are extremely tough to get rid of. And once they invade your property, all that hard work creating the perfect garden or lawn will be gone, seemingly overnight. When moles search for food, they separate plants and flowers from the soil, preventing them from getting the nutrients they need to grow. Ultimately, your vegetation will die and you will be left with a huge mess to clean up, costing you time, money, and effort.

mole removal vancouverWith a quick Google search, you can find countless home remedies, how-to videos, and DIY methods to help control moles. There is no shortage of products you can buy, from harmful poisons to dangerous traps (not the smartest choices to use for those of you with kids and pets). Sure, many of these options might sound great. But without the proper training and experience, you could be spinning your wheels or making matters worse.

Why would you waste your time with ineffective methods or harmful devices and toxins, putting you and the ones you care about at risk. When it comes to effectively and safely getting rid of moles, nothing compares to a professional pest control specialist.  After they are gone, you can consider a Mole Control Spike to prevent more re-infestation.

Need help with your mole infestation? Let the pros at Solutions Pest Control take the stress and the hassles out of getting rid of that mole problem. Our team of trained pest control experts offer effective mole control methods and pest control Vancouver services to residents in South Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Coquitlam and everywhere in between.

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