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We gathered our Wildlife Control posts from Solutions Pest Control – Bug Blog. There is a great deal of information in our Bug Blog posts, perhaps one will address the pest issues you are experiencing today. Please have a look at our posts and give us a call if we can answer any questions.

Your Solution to Wildlife Control

Sure they look cute and cuddly, but do you really want wildlife infesting your home or place of business? Squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, and skunks—all of these troublesome pests can cause significant damage to your property, not to mention put the health of you and the ones you care about [...]

Why Regular Pest Control is So Important

We are certain that no one likes to have pests, such as bugs and rodents, in their home. Most people are familiar with exterminators’ pest control type services and the various chemical products bought into homes. But what most people don’t often consider is that an ounce of prevention is [...]

5 Steps to find good Vancouver Pest Control Companies

Finding ants marching through your home, rodents foraging for food, or bed bugs nesting in your mattress can all be serious problems. Choosing the right Vancouver pest control company, however, should not be one of them. Properly dealing with pests and full-blown infestations requires a reputable company that knows how [...]

Mole Removal from Your Garden or Lawn

If you have ever said, “You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill,” you simply don’t understand the frustration and torment that moles can wreak on homeowners. These earth dwelling diggers can make short work of your beautifully cared for lawn, transforming it into a hideous eyesore right under [...]

Pest Control Richmond Pros Advise The 5 Top Reasons Your Home Attracts Pests

Like most typical homeowners, Richmond residents take great pride in their houses. They spend oodles of time, money, and energy landscaping, decorating, and remodeling, making sure their property looks inviting and beautiful for their friends and family. Obviously, you want to do everything you can to keep unwanted pests [...]

Wildlife Control in Vancouver: 5 Signs Furry Pests Are Living in Your Home

It is common knowledge that Vancouver has everything you—and critters—could ask for. Vancouver has so much going for it—rugged mountain views, endless beaches, world-class restaurants, outdoor recreation, shopping, and mild temperatures. Heck, it’s no wonder why so many folks shell out the big bucks to live in this beautiful coastal city. [...]

How to Catch a Raccoon

Raccoons might be cute, but they certainly aren’t cuddly or harmless. Truth be told, these masked marauders can cause a host of problems, like disease, property damage, and attacks on pets. And being the expert excavators that they are, they’ll dig through your garbage, garden, and yard faster than a kid [...]

How to Remove a Bird’s Nest

Birds can be wonderful. Birds Can Be Wonderful Birds provide the background music to our lives, singing their songs in our neighborhood, occasionally waking us, sometimes lulling us to sleep as we take an afternoon nap under the shade of a tree. Summer would not be complete without their [...]

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