There is a fairly common occurrence that many home-owners have to deal with at one point or another: unwanted house-guests.
Now, your first thought may be of the in-laws that seem like they will never leave, or the free-loading sibling that has taken up residence on your couch, and while those are certain things that you will want to address, for the sake of this article, we are referring to the furry, four-legged kind and other wild animals.

Do you know what to do if a wild animal gets into your home? If you should ever find yourself in this unfortunate position, you’ll probably want to give a call to pest control Squamish services. Once they are on their way, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind while waiting for their arrival.

These are the tips for dealing with a wild animal in your home:

Don’t Panic

Depending on the circumstances, the animal may be even less thrilled about being in your house than you are about having it there. If you try to chase it with a broom or a stick, you will simply be frightening it more, which will probably result in it hiding somewhere in your house, or potentially biting you.

Contain it in a Single Room if Possible

You may find that this is one of those times that an open floor plan isn’t quite so desirable as you first thought.
Keeping calm, quietly close of all the doors that you can, trying to contain the animal in a single room containing a door that leads out of your home. You will be limiting its options and it will hopefully see itself out. If not, at least you are keeping it from getting into another part of your home where it may be harder to find and remove.

Remove Your Pets

Your dog or cat may not realize that this isn’t a potential playmate.
Move your pets to another part of your home, where they will not be able to confront the wild animal and potentially get hurt. Also, the animal may come out of hiding and leave if the environment is calm; a barking dog would not be helpful at times like this.

Try to Remain Patient

Chances are that you want the animal out now. That’s understandable, but some creatures will stay hidden until the evening, when they may become curious and come out to explore.

Sprinkle Some Flour

If you have to leave for some reason, or if you are unable to watch for the animal’s departure, consider sprinkling flour on the floor in front of the door. By watching for footprints, you will have an idea of whether your little house guest has moved on.

Call for Help

As mentioned above, you will probably want to use pest control Squamish services unless you can trick the animal into leaving on its own.

Even then, you will still need to determine how the animal managed to enter your house in the first place. Unless you know for a fact that you simply left a door open when you shouldn’t have, you will probably be unaware of the point of ingress.

Professional pest control experts will be able to determine where your visitor came from and ensure that once they are gone, they stay gone.

Don’t take chances with your home and the health of your family. Make sure that you are safe from future visits from those unwanted guests.

As for the in-laws though? Well, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own.

For professional pest control Squamish Services, contact Solutions Pest Control for wildlife control in Squamish!

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