Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

A Traditional Bed Bug Treatment is a treatment that is heavily, if not altogether reliant, on the use of various pesticides for the elimination of bed bugs. This may sound far more simple than it actually is. There is a growing number of pesticides being used in Canada that bed bugs are becoming resistant to, so knowing which products to use in the proper places is key to a successful extermination of the bedbug infestation. At Solutions Pest Control, our technicians are on the cutting edge of which products work best and the most non-invasive way to apply them,while employing additional tools such as bed bug vacuums, steamers and protective traps and bed covers.

Traditional bed bug control treatments are generally performed over a minimum 2 separate visits, specifically timed for proper elimination. Wait too long for a follow up visit or come back too soon, and the infestation will likely return. There are unfortunately, many stories of pest control companies treating a single bed bug infestation 3, 4, 5 or more times to achieve complete eradication. Taking the proper amount of time to be thorough,from the inspection to the treatment, is key to success and frequently overlooked by many pest control providers.

The most beneficial part of the traditional treatment is the economic one. Additionally, there is no limit to the size of an infestation that a traditional treatment can be limited to treating.

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