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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

What is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

A Heat Treatment for bed bugs is the extermination of a bed bug infestation using heat in place of traditional pesticides. The heat kills all stages from juvenile bed bugs to adults, including the eggs, by penetrating all areas bed bugs hide, leaving no place safe for survival. It is a one-day service with 100% elimination guaranteed.

How does bed bug heat treatment work?

To kill bed bugs using heat, Solutions Pest Control brings the temperature up to the lethal zone (125-135 degrees F; 52-65 degrees C) using specialized heating equipment. Once we have reached the Thermal Death Point (the temperature at which bed bugs die when exposed for sufficient time), we hold it for a minimum 4-hour period and move the air creating a thermal effect (think convection oven). Maintaining the temperature for this time frame allows the heat to penetrate deep into clothing, furniture, bedding, walls, ceilings and floors, and all other areas where bed bugs may live or run and hide.

What are the benefits?

  • Far less preparation is required compared to other bed bug control methods.
  • All bed bugs, and their eggs, are eliminated in a single visit. No additional visits, preparation & vacating periods required.
  • Bed bug heat treatments eliminate pesticide-resistant bed bugs.
  • Very effective for high-clutter residences and large bed bug infestations.
  • Heat Treatments for bed bugs are 100% non-toxic, pesticide and chemical-free.
  • Penetrates deep into furniture, clothing, walls, floors, ceilings and all other areas where bed bugs hide & pesticides can’t reach.
  • Kills the bed bugs within the problem area/unit without driving them into neighbouring units.
  • Won’t leave behind any visible residue or foul odour.
  • Less disruptive and more efficient for residents and businesses.
  • Comes with a Treatment Guarantee of up to 90 days*.

What can I expect upon my return to my home?

When you return home at the end of the day, after Solutions Pest Control has provided a heat treatment for bed bugs,

  • the first thing you will notice is the temperature. The walls, furniture, bedding, etc… will continue to radiate the heat they have absorbed throughout the day.
  • The next thing you may notice is dead bed bugs. Some will be out in the open, and some will remain hidden (a good vacuum will take care of this).
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you will notice no more bites. This will occur over the first few nights back in your bed bug-free home. Depending on when you were last bitten, you may still react to bites that occurred in the days leading up to bed bug heat treatment. This will come to pass very quickly (FYI – most people don’t see anything again).

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