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City of Richmond

Although sometimes overshadowed by Vancouver to the north, Richmond is a unique area composed entirely of islands. It has its own cultural identity with strong Asian influences that include the two largest Buddhist temples in North America. The Richmond Night Market, open in summer, attracts nearly 30,000 visitors every night, and Richmond is home to the Vancouver International Airport – YVR.

Common Richmond Pests

Unfortunately, Richmond is also home to a host of pests, including mice, rats, bedbugs and wasp and hornet nests, particularly in the summer. Fall months bring ladybugs, beetles, and rodents into the homes of Richmond residents, as they seek shelter from the changing seasons.

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Solving Richmond’s Pest Problems

All Year Long Solving Pest Removal Problems

We are busy in Richmond helping solve your pest issues. Over the years we have helped many thousands of Richmondite. Solutions Pest Control will be happy to help you as well.

Find out what pest issues Richmondites are dealing with this season.

FAQ – Fall Season

Questions our customers in Richmond are asking.

The most common rodent in Vancouver

Each of these rodents has unique characteristics that require different methods for proper eradication, including the use of traps, poison, and exclusion.

Rodent Information.

Bed bugs will gather near to where their host sleeps. The top spots to check are:

  • Bottom of box spring
  • Bed frame, especially wood
  • Headboard
  • Mattress

Some places to check include bedside tables, ceiling and wall junctions, and loose panelling. They may appear in any crease or crevice near sleeping areas such as mattress seams and baseboards.

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Bed Bug Treatment Services.

Bed bugs can be hard to find for those who aren’t sure what they should be looking for. Even when bites appear, some individuals do not react to them, while others might mistake them for mosquito bites.

Adult bedbugs are roughly the size of an apple seed and are reddish-brown, flat, and wingless. Upon feeding, they swell up and turn bright red. Younger bed bugs go through five stages before reaching adulthood, and at the smallest size are very difficult to spot.

Other signs include moulted skins, fecal spots on your mattress or bedding, and bloodstains on your pyjamas and sheets.

You may want to read our blog article Bed Bugs Are An Increasing Problem.

Bed Bug Treatment Services

Removing silverfish can be challenging and is best left to the experts. But there are some things that you can do to help prevent them such as:

  • Keeping dry goods in airtight containers,
  • Vacuuming carpets and upholstery on a regular basis to pick up any food crumbs, and
  • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas like your basement to reduce the moisture that seems to attract them.

Also check for any areas that might need to be sealed, such as seams between walls, baseboards, and any cracks that you find.

How To … Pest Control

Helping our Richmond customers with DIY questions.

The first step is to roll up your sleeves and start looking for them.
Bed bugs are tiny, nocturnal insects that are masters at hiding just about anywhere in your home.

Check your mattress, bedding, box spring, headboard, and bed frame; bed bugs don’t live far from their food source. You can find Bed Bugs behind wallpaper and picture frames, in the folds of curtains, under carpets, in furniture, and even inside clocks, phones, televisions, smoke detectors, and electrical sockets.

Visible signs of a bed bug infestation include clusters of small red or brown spot stains, shed bed-bug skins, and eggs on your bedding and mattress. If you do find live or dead bed bugs, we recommend that you collect a sample in a closed container and bring it to a professional pest control company for positive identification.

You need to correctly identify the pest before you can plan an effective treatment.

Early detection is vital when it comes to successfully eliminating bed bugs. If you think you have a bed bug problem, it is important to act quickly.

Bed Bug detection suggestions.

You may find this Bed Bug Information helpful.

Pest Service Calls in Richmond

Summer 2020 pest service calls




Total Bed Bug Control calls in Richmond this season

Richmond Rat calls up 6% from last year due to increased moisture

Total Ant Control calls in Richmond this season

Richmond Pest Service Calls Last 12 Months

The chart and table above show the type of pest issues we working on in Richmond.

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Common Pest Issues in Richmond

With its countless parks, natural beauty, and all the conveniences that come with a modern urban area, Richmond also attracts more than just human visitors. Whether it is rodents scampering around your attic, termites making a meal out of your foundation, or bed bugs infesting your home, once pests find their way into your property, it is going to take a lot more than an eviction notice to get rid of them.

Mouse and Rat Problems In Richmond

With a dense population, close to the water, large ports, many older buildings, and many restaurants, it is no surprise that Richmond, surrounding municipalities, including Vancouver and Surrey have a challenging Rat Problem. Learn about rat exterminators now!

Bed Bug Issues In Richmond Are On The Decline in 2020

You may have heard that heat kills bed bugs, but that is a sustained heat of above 120 °F. When summer heat warms a house to something that makes you want to plug in a fan, this is the ideal temperature and humidity for bed bugs to mate.

Silverfish Damage Valuable Sentimental Property

Silverfish and some other insect pests can damage your home or belongings. The damage they cause is the most common way to discover an infestation. Silverfish love to eat paper, book bindings, wallpaper, linens, and other such items. Discovering these things with holes chewed through them is an excellent indicator that you have silverfish.

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I always receive great communication and prompt service. Highly recommended!

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