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Mice in your home are not a problem you want to deal with. The house mouse is especially problematic because they like to seek shelter within walls, which makes them harder to remove. While they may be small, house mice can easily adapt to harsh conditions and breed rapidly. This is a problem that needs to be addressed right away and removed.

Call a Vancouver Pest Control Company ASAP

Failing to call a professional exterminator will allow house mice to invade your home so you need to act quickly to prevent this from happening. A rodent problem is very serious and can lead to a number of health risks. Mice can carry bacteria, spread diseases, and contaminate food. It’s also possible for particles of their feces to become airborne, which can spread disease, and trigger asthma or allergy symptoms. House mice defecate a lot and it accumulates fast in places that can’t see.

It’s also important to note that house mice can bring in other pests with them inside your walls, meaning additional bacteria and diseases can enter your home. If you think you have a mouse problem, the best thing to do is to contact a professional pest control company. They will have the tools, knowledge and skills to eliminate this problem safely and properly, and they will be able to remove the mice from within your walls.

Steps to Prevent a Mouse Infestation

The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent a mouse infestation in your walls:

  • Seal off any gaps or cracks on the exterior of your home to block entry into your house.
  • Repair damaged screens and vents to eliminate entry points.
  • Remove or properly store any food and water so that your home does not attract mice.
  • Food must be placed in airtight containers.
  • Dispose your garbage regularly.
  • Declutter your garage and closets.

Call an Exterminator if You See Any Sign of a Mouse

Mouse droppings, visible trails and footprints are all signs of an incoming mouse infestation. If you see one of these signs, call a pest control company immediately and let the experts at Solutions Pest Control help get rid of the problem. Our team will safely eliminate your pest problem regardless of where they are in your home. Whether you need bird control service or a bed bug exterminator, Solutions Pest Control has your back. Contact us today!