Insect Control Services

When Bug Spray or a Fly-Swatter Just Won’t Do, Call the Insect Management Specialists at Solutions Pest Control.

Solutions Pest Control is an industry leader in providing innovative insect control solutions for your home or business. From bed bugs and ants to wasps and cockroaches—you name it, we can get rid of it! Our high standards for pest control is a top priority for us, helping to ensure the safety of you, your family, and the environment. For the ultimate in insect management and customer care, trust Solutions Pest Control to handle all your pest extermination needs.

Providing Unparalleled Seasonal Pest Control

Insect control is the extermination, management, and prevention of insects. In BC, depending on where you live, you will have many insects that emerge at different times of the year. The two most commonly talked about seem to be carpenter ants and bedbugs. We also get many other species of ants, including cornfield ants (moisture ants), pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and little black ants (sugar ants) throughout the year. Other insect control problems that occur are fleas, wasps, bees, cockroaches, silverfish, cluster flies, moths, beetles, and more. Just like rodents, these insects are all unique, and therefore, proper identification is very important. Once we have a positive ID, we can correctly treat your insect problem in the most friendly and efficient way possible for you and your family.

Why Put You and Your Loved Ones at Risk?

Insects are not only bothersome, but they can also transmit a number of diseases that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. At Solutions Pest Control, our trained and experienced technicians create customized proactive treatment plans to get rid of annoying and potentially dangerous pests, quickly and meticulously!

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