Wildlife Control

Humane Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife Control is defined differently by everyone. At Solutions Pest Control, we define it as the humane removal of wildlife & prevention of future wildlife problems.

wildlife control vancouverThe “humane” part is simple. We avoid the use of live trapping and relocation if at all possible. When the animal is trapped and relocated, it is taken out of its territory and away from its family and food supplies. This greatly reduces the chances of survival.

Allowing the wildlife to remain in its natural territory while excluding it from the problem structure ensures the delicate balance between humans and animals is preserved.

Common Wildlife Control

The most common wildlife control issues in Vancouver, North Shore, Whistler, Squamish and across the lower mainland are likely encounters with Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Skunks, Possum & Birds.

We all love to watch wildlife from a distance but having one live in the walls or rafters of your home is a bit too close for comfort.  Not only do they cause damage and make noise in the walls they are a health hazard to humans.  Gently nudge them back out into their natural surroundings to find an appropriate and permanent place to live.

Removing the wildlife and sealing the area allows the animal to naturally move on towards hopefully a permanent and more suitable home to live in.

wildlife control vancouver