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Bed Bug Information

Recently, there has been a dramatic resurgence of bed bugs worldwide. An increase in international travel, a lack of public awareness, and a growing resistance to pesticides have contributed to an alarming rise in bed bugs. They can be found almost anywhere, from upscale homes to homeless shelters. Bed Bugs can show up in public buildings, including hotels, shopping centres, and schools. You can protect yourself with information on this page.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, wingless insects that feed off the blood of animals and humans. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown and can grow as long as 10mm. Young bed bugs (also called nymphs), on the other hand, are translucent or have a yellowish colour and are much smaller—usually 1.5 mm long.

Bed Bug Fact:
A female bed bug can lay more than 500 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are white, measuring roughly one millimetre in length, and are found in cracks, crevices, and other hidden areas. They will typically hatch anywhere between 6 to 17 days.

How Bed Bugs Feed and Live?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, preferring to feast on you at night while you are sleeping. Once they’ve gorged themselves, they scurry back to whatever hiding places they came from, waiting for their next meal.

As opportunistic as these insects are, they are equally patient when it comes to feeding time. Believe it or not, adult bed bugs can go an entire year without eating—and even longer for older bed bugs.

Bed bugs are elusive parasites, using the cover of the darkness to hide. Plus, their small, flattened bodies make it easy for them to go undetected in the folds of luggage, purses, bags, and clothes. They also like to hide behind wallpaper and inside bedding, box springs, furniture, and even electronics.

Bed Bug Detection

Bite Marks Are First Clear Indication of a Bed Bug Problem

Bite marks are usually your first clear indication of a bed bug problem. But by the time you begin to notice the bites, you may already have a full-blown bed bug infestation on your hands.

Other common signs of a beg bug infestation include tiny blood and fecal stains, shed bed-bug skins, and eggs.

This blog post, Bed Bug Detection, is particularly helpful if you are wondering whether you are having a bed bug issue or not.

Get Ready For Professional Inspection

Here are some questions to consider and have ready before having a professional come out and perform a bed bug inspection in your home or office.

  • How many bites did you have when you first discovered them? (1-5, 5-10, 10+)
  • Where on the body did the bites first show up? (neck/shoulder area/arms, mid-torso, legs & feet)
  • How long have the bites been going happening for?
  • Have you recently come back from travelling or had anyone travelling staying with you?
  • Have you recently brought home any used furniture?
  • Have you found any bugs of any sort on/around the bed?
  • Do you have a cat or a dog?
  • Have you recently changed soaps (laundry, hand) or medications?

Answer each question as specifically as possible. The answers can help a professional bed bug expert determine the likelihood of a bed bug infestation in your home.

Bed Bug Inspections Types

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A bed bug inspection expert will provide a visual inspection of the home looking for evidence of bed bugs. Since bed bugs are a messy bug, they leave plenty of evidence for our technicians to find, including shed skins, eggs & feces, in addition to finding the bugs themselves.

This is the use of a highly trained dog to detect the smallest evidence left behind by a bed bug, all by scent not sight. They are especially beneficial for large scale bed bug inspections & inspections that are not of a home, such as an office. Because bed bug inspection dogs are using scent, the handler should also provide a visual confirmation of the evidence the dog ‘hit on’ before confirming an infestation.

This is an inspection using any number of traps available on the market today. The traps fall into two categories: Passive (bed bug happens into/across it) & Active trap (the trap is design to actively attract a bed bug). Some of the newer active traps have proven to be more successful at detecting a bed bug infestation than both visible and K9, which is very promising.

How To Do A Proper Bed Bug Inspection

It’s no secret that bed bugs are extremely hard to find—not to mention one of the most difficult pests on the planet to get rid of. If you are on a DYI Bed Bug inspection mission, you will want to read this description of How To Do A Proper Bed Bug Inspection.

Post Bed Bug Inspection

After the inspection is complete, the bed bug expert should provide you with a written or electronic report with their findings, regardless of whether they found bed bugs or not.

Property managers may require this report for their building maintenance files, so be sure you receive it.

The inspector may actually show you evidence they find during the inspection to help educate you as well.

If you’re worst fears are confirmed, and you have bed bugs, ask to be shown the evidence (if you can stomach it). The cost of a bed bug treatment, in addition to the inspection cost, can add up (depending on the service), so be sure they found something! Not only is it against the law for a pest control company to treat for a pest problem without evidence, but it is also unethical.

Bed Bug Treatment Services

Once you are satisfied that you need to have a bed bug treatment performed, the next stage begins. Here at Solutions Pest Control, we have a couple of bed bug treatment available:

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Bed Bug Detection

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