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We gathered our Bed Bug Treatment posts from Solutions Pest Control – Bug Blog. There is a great deal of information in our Bug Blog posts, perhaps one will address the pest issues you are experiencing today. Please have a look at our posts and give us a call if we can answer any questions.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Did you know that man’s best friend is a great weapon in the war on bed bugs? It’s true. A dog’s sensitive nose is the perfect detection tool that can help pinpoint infestations. When it comes to tracking down bed bugs, nothing can match the super sniffing abilities for well-trained canine [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bug Bites

You’ve probably heard the expression, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” But if these parasitic pests have raised their ugly heads in your home, good luck trying to stop them from turning you into a midnight snack. Woke up covered in red spots? If you think you’ve [...]

5 Common Mistakes in Pest Control Vancouver

Rats, mice, bed bugs, and cockroaches—pests are the worst kind of nightmare for many home and business owners. And who can blame them? These hair-raising hellions can cause a slew of costly property damage, not to mention spread harmful diseases, putting the health of you and the ones you care [...]

5 Pest Control Surrey Myths Debunked

In our many years of pest control, we’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to keeping critters at bay, from old wives tales to useless DIY methods. And thanks to the internet and social media, there’s even more far-out rumors and bad pest control advice than ever before. [...]

What are Bug Bombs?

Learn what a Bug Bomb is: Is it a Disastrous Bed Bugs Treatments? Bed bug infestations can be infuriating. No matter what you do, no matter what you try, getting rid of these nasty little buggers is a shining example of an exercise in futility. But before you [...]

Bed Bug Treatments Surrey To Protect Your Bed

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Well, good luck with that. The mere thought of insects feasting on you while you sleep is enough to keep anyone awake at night. If you want to prevent bed bug bites, the single best thing you can do is protect your bed. [...]

5 DIY Bed Bug Treatments Coquitlam

Take it from the pros, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of, period. They are experts at hide and seek, they can live without food longer than the length of the average baseball season, and they reproduce like it’s going out of style. And [...]

5 Natural Bed Bug Solutions

“Good night! “Sleep tight! “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” How many times have your parents tucked you in at night whispering this famous bedtime rhyme? Turns out, bed bugs are real-life critters that actually do live in your bed, feasting on you while you sleep. As [...]

How to Deal with Bed Bugs in Cribs

“Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” This adorable little nursery rhyme is used by many parents as part of a tuck-in routine for their children—it was never meant as an actual warning. If the image of these nasty nocturnal nuisances crawling all over your newborn baby is freaking you [...]

Bed Bugs in Vancouver: These Wingless Mosquitoes are On The Rise!

Waking up with bug bites? Sounds like you have a beg bug problem. There are Bed Bugs in Vancouver, and with the warmer months right around the corner, insect infestations, are only going to get worse. If bed bugs have invaded your home, here are three top takeaways you can’t [...]

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