If you’ve noticed annoying insects hovering around that bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, chances are you have a fruit fly problem. The usual reaction (to no avail) for most us is to shoo them away or frantically smash our hands together in the hopes of killing a few. But as anyone who has experienced a visit from these unwelcomed quests can tell you, once they arrive at your doorstep, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

The Basics

As the name suggests, these troublesome insects are attracted to fruit, as well as vegetables and other moist decaying organic matter, making fruit flies a particular nuisance, especially during spring and summer. Although fruit flies don’t bite humans (they actually don’t have any teeth), many people are allergic to the bacteria they carry, resulting in tiny red bumps on the skin. The good news is that fruit flies only live for about a month. The bad news, however, is that the females can lay as many as 500 eggs, quickly creating an infestation that is difficult to shake.

Steps you can take to avoid having your home infected by fruitflies

Keep your living area clean

Fruit flies are attracted to even the tiniest amount of food and moisture. So, the first step to preventing fruit flies from invading your home is to ensure your living space is cleaned on a daily basis.

    • Throw away any rotting or overripe fruit or vegetables
    • Degrease and clean drains
    • Rinse out cans and bottles before recycling

Replace your cleaning items

Another important step in keeping fruit flies at bay is to regularly clean or replace your cleaning items. Many people don’t realize that several of the things we use to clean our homes can attract fruit flies. Things like sponges, cloths, and mops carry a high degree of moisture and retain food odours. Frequently swapping out items will go a long way to stopping an infestation before it ever has a chance to start.

Properly store your food

It is an absolute must to properly store your food to minimize the chance of an infestation. You will want to use bread boxes, containers or bowls with lids, and storage bags to effectively seal up all your foodstuff. If the fruit flies can’t get to your food, they’ll move on to greener pastures.

Don’t forget your trash bins

If you want to keep fruit flies away, it’s a good idea to pay special attention to your garbage bins. Trash containers—both inside and outside the home—are a major source for attracting fruit flies that should never be overlooked. And because most bins contain at least some food residue, you should clean them inside and out at least once or twice a week.

Preventing a fruit fly infestation may take a little work, but it will be worth it in the long run. Following these steps will hopefully help you stop these pesky insects from unexpectedly dropping by. If, by chance, an infestation does occur, it is time to hire a professional pest control company.

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