Cockroach Control

COCKROACH FACT: A cockroach can live up to one week without its head

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Usually when cockroaches announce themselves in your home or office, it is not done in a welcome fashion. Quite often it involves turning the light on in the kitchen or bathroom at night and seeing something scurrying back into the shadows. The extermination of a cockroach infestation in a home or office can be relatively straight forward, extremely difficult or somewhere in between. Luckily Solutions Pest Control is your experienced cockroach removal expert in greater Vancouver & Whistler.

Cockroach Removal

Not that long ago most pest control companies were using a spray to eliminate cockroach infestations, using the best available spray pesticides available for use in the Canadian market. It was a tedious process for the resident (who had some preparation to perform) who would have to vacate for the treatment and many hours afterwards and for the pest control company providing the service. Fast forward to today, where cockroach control in Vancouver & around the world (via the use of cockroach-specific baits instead of spraying) has become far more convenient for everyone involved. A typical treatment for cockroaches involves virtually no preparation and doesn’t require the resident leave their home at all.

Treatment for Cockroaches

Since cockroach infestations can vary from home to home, a varied approach is the best way to stay ahead of this prolific insect. At Solutions Pest Control we employ the use of many strategies, tools and/or products for a cockroach treatment. These include:

Vacuums: Why wait for spray of bait to kill what we can remove now

Cockroach Sprays & dusts: Longer lasting, less toxic sprays still have some benefit in certain circumstances

Cockroach Baiting: This Trojan horse like application provides long term cockroach control using the insects own habits against them.

Cockroach Traps: Using discrete glue traps to notify us if a cockroach infestation has been reintroduced or is flaring up again by pointing out ‘hot spots’ that can be targeted quickly.

Pest Management Programs: Regular service programs for strata managed properties allow for monthly monitoring of cockroach (and other insects) infestations in buildings and subsequent treatments.

Non-Chemical Cockroach Control

We know cockroaches prefer as close to a tropical climate in greater Vancouver, which means they usually migrate back to specific areas in homes. In addition to the use of traps and vacuums, we know a little about what cockroaches like when they get into a home or office. ‘Tropical settings’ usually include the following:

  1. Warmer temperature (hot water pipes, stove/oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher
  2. Higher humidity if possible (water sources such as kitchen & bathrooms)
  3. Darkness

We also know cockroaches prefer many foods including greasy and oily foods that are as close to the harbourage areas above as possible. When Solutions Pest Control cockroach experts are inspecting for cockroaches we will always make recommendations that may include sanitation or environmental changes. The reason for providing these is to help control cockroaches currently infesting the home & prevent the likelihood of a new infestation. If the home has little/no food sources available, or is too cool and dry, then survival becomes unlikely.

What to expect from a Cockroach Treatment

The technician will provide a professional inspection to gauge the level of infestation prior to beginning the service. Depending on availability, the cockroach control may begin immediately. Whether its bait of spray, you will be instructed on vacating and preparation needed in advance of the cockroach removal service. The treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours. Once the treatment is complete, you will likely continue to see activity for a short period of time. Spraying usually provides a fast knockdown with new cockroaches being reported (and quickly dying) around 2-3 weeks. With a baiting treatment, you typically see a slower, steady reduction that can take up to 3 weeks. In both scenarios, you will find dead or dying cockroaches. Any activity beyond 3-4 weeks should be brought to the attention of the cockroach control expert. A service report with recommendations specific to your service will be provided or emailed to you (or building manager) after the service is complete. If you have any questions about the cockroach service provided, contact the pest control professional or company.