Rat Control

Rat Control

Are Rats causing you a headache? Rats in your home are never a pleasant experience, unless you are one of the few who keep them as a pet. As a pest problem they can trigger a lot of anxiety and stress, and rightly so. All that being said rat control in Vancouver, BC (and surrounding areas) is one of our favorite pest problems to work on because the complexity of their behavior. Love them or hate them, rats are a fascinating creature that requires both the residents and the pest control specialist involvement to solve the problem.

Rat Removal

Every problem is unique in its own way, so what is it we look for when we first start dealing with a rat infestation? There are a lot of variables we look for when we arrive to begin rat control: species, geography, diet, habitat and even weather are just a few. The geography of a region can reflect the species you are dealing with and in turn the potential population over time. Even when we diagnose and approach the issue, the level of cooperation from the occupant can make a huge impact. Have the rat’s food sources been contained or removed (garbage etc)? These reasons (and more) will dictate what the best method to use when deciding how to get rid of rats in a home.

Rat Trapping

Just as you may imagine, this control service is the use of rat traps only in and around the property. Why traps? Many reasons, primarily being the physical removal of the rats and safety without using poison. When a rat eats poison, you are not able control where they will die and they will smell bad wherever that is. Solutions Pest Control does not use poison for inside rat control at any time. When rat trapping, after a thorough rat inspection is complete, the traps are set up in various areas, with children and pet safety being taken into account. We will schedule follow up visits no later than every 2-3 days to inspect, empty and reset traps. Since the rats are always in the traps, there is no guessing where they have died and smell associated. Trapping will continue until the rat activity has stopped. Once the traps are removed, minor rat exclusion is completed to further protect the home.

Rat Baiting

Baiting involves the use of poison for getting rid of rats and population reduction in/around homes. As stated above, Solutions Pest Control does not use poison inside for rat removal, however, it is a very beneficial practice for exterior rat control. When using poison for outside rat control, the bait is placed into locking, secured, labeled stations that must meet specific provincial and federal safety requirements. The stations must be inspected and maintained as long as they are in place. You will frequently see these black boxes around grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and apartment buildings to control the local rat population. Less outside rats means fewer rats to try and get inside homes and businesses.

Rat Exclusion

Once a rat infestation has been removed from a home or business, the next step begins: exclusion. If you can stop them from getting in again, why not do it? When rats enter into buildings, they leave a pheromone trail with urine, feces and oils from their fur to mark the entrance to other family members that may come along down the road. Once the exclusion is complete, the trail into the home or business becomes cold as it will no longer lead into the structure.

Rat Control Preventative Maintenance

Frequently, areas that are prone to rat activity are going to readily provide food and habitat that allows the local rat population to thrive and survive. When there are homes or businesses in or near these areas, rat activity is going to be a common occurrence more often than not. Prevention is the primary benefit of a regular rodent control program for your home or office. With Solutions Pest Control\providing regular-scheduled rodent prevention visits, you never have to worry about hearing a rat infestation again.

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